Till I Met You

Till I Met You

By:  Omobolanle   Completed
Language: English
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Meet Omotara Evelyn Banks also known as Tara Banks. A nurse, an entrepreneur and a model. Beautiful yet sassy, friendly yet cold. There is something about fate, they say fate brings those things you never expected. Meet the handsome Olaitan Eric Olaosebikan. A loyal member of the Yoruba demon association, a master player indeed. In the midst of society full of betrayal, will love wins. Seat back and enjoy this suspense filled romantic story.

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Afolalu Omobolanle
Nice story line.... Keep it up
2021-04-18 04:38:32
22 Chapters
Chapter 1
TARA'S POV Being a sophomore student can be very stressful. Tons of assignments, no lecture free day and coupled with the fact that the weekends are also occupied.   There are sometimes I really wished I could drop out. That is the extent to which I was frustrated.   But kidding anyways, no one pray to drop out from a medical school. To all the medical students out there, don't worry the Lord is our strength.   "Tara, can you explain what phospholipid is to the class?" My BCH lecturer, Mrs Jayesimi asked  As I slowly stood up, I heard her voice again, "we are waiting for you miss."  "Ma, phospholipid is...is...is...," I couldn't believe I was stuttering in the presence of this woman  "Can anyone help her?" She asked  &nbs
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Chapter 2
A/N: Introducing Eric's POV in this chapter. Happy Reading. ERIC'S POVI couldn't help but think of the lady I helped during the BCH class two months ago. The girl is a beauty to behold. Her skin glowed without any blemish. Not to talk about her two straight legs, or is it her long black hair. Gosh, the girl was so beautiful. Am not the type that answer questions in class but I couldn't help it that day and that was the reason why I stood up to answer the question. I smiled to myself as I thought about the lady. I made up my mind to find out about the beautiful goddess that had occupied my mind lately. 
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Chapter 3
ERIC'S POV Test and exams requires an all round seriousness from students, so Crown Top University students were not left out. I had BCH 201 this morning and I was paired with a lady but she looked so much like the lady I helped in that class. I decided to talk to her after the test but little did I know that she would beat me to it. "Hy, " She greeted "Hello," I replied smiling "Am Tara Banks," She said nervously "Am Eric Olaosebikan," I replied with a wink 
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Chapter 4
ERIC'S POV Ever since Tara and I met at that test hall, we had been good friends. She was so fun to be with. I really did enjoyed her company. Apart from being a great listener, she was so caring, humble, loving and kind. Her thoughts always find a way to creep into my mind. She was the only one occupying my brain to the extent that I couldn't see or think about any lady. You see am not the loyal type. I have played alot of ladies in Crown Top to the extent that I had lost counts. But ever since I met Tara, I couldn't think about any lady. I have never felt this way before to any lady because the feelings I felt whenever am with Tara was so refreshing, cool that I didn't know how to describe it. And all this prompt me to ask her out since it was already seven months we met. I had made all the
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Chapter 5
TARA'S POV "Sexy Omotara." Eric teased as soon as he opened the door I didn't replied to it, I just smile. "My One and only hot sexy Omotara," He said again"This guy flirting is not from this planet." I thought "Handsome Mr Olaosebikan, how is it doing you?" I asked "It is doing me Gbisgbis," He said laughing "Mr Gbisgbis, abeg e don do(It is enough), where are we going?" I asked smiling "Chillax(relax), you will soon know." He said finally We arrived there thirty minutes later. Wow, it is Elegushi beach. He had arranged the place so perfectly. With the candles that light the table, variety of foods and drinks coupled with rose flowers on the table made it so roman
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Chapter 6
TARA'S POV It was a sunny saturday and I was bored in my room. I couldn't call Eric because he had to prepare for his monday's paper. It was a tradition in Crown Top University for all her finalist to have their exams a month before all other students. Come to think of it, I haven't had an heart-to-heart discussion with him. I don't even know how to table it. I grabbed my laptop and phone and head to Cassandra's room. I knocked while she opened the door."Baby." She greeted me"Cassie, watssup." I greeted back "Am fine and why is your face so gloomy?" She asked "It is Eric o." I said"What about him or did you both quarrel?" She asked with concern "No o. You know his finals will be over next week and I don't even know how to bring up my insecurities issue." I said sadly"Oh that, w
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Chapter 7
                   Seven Years LaterTARA'S POV"What sort of friend am I." I asked myself as I thought about my best friend Cassandra, Cas for short. She is very beautiful, a definition of the melanin goddess. We clicked at a friend's party during my fresh man year in the uni. How we met will be a story for another day.My bestie went on a date yesterday and I haven't called her.The ringing of my phone brought me out of my thoughts. She is the one calling.(Phone rings:XOXO❤❤) talk of the devil"Babe watssup" Cas said"I dey o(Am fine)." I replied her"You no go work ni(You didn't go to work)?" she asked me"I dey off duty ja
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Chapter 8
ERIC'S POV Ever since I came back to Nigeria, six months ago, I have been very busy. Being the CEO of a rising company was not that easy. Yeah am Olaitan Eric Olaosebikan, only son of Engr. Olaosebikan and the sole apparent heir to the Best Global investments. Her thoughts never left my mind for the past six years have been in London. Little did I know, that my dad had some plans for me when I left the country six years ago.I was so happy when my P.A told me that Tara Banks had been chosen to be our brand ambassador three months ago. I will get to see my Eve again. I wonder what she would think about me. "Sir, Miss Omotara Banks is at the reception," My secretary said bringing me out of my thoughts. "Tell her to come in." I finally said still feeling a little bit anxious.TARA'S POV 
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Chapter 9
TARA'S POVAfter that incident at Best Global, I hadn't been myself. I felt like committing suicide but whenever it came to my mind, I always thought about my parents, my friends and everyone around me. I had to take one week absent leave from the hospital. Thanks to Cassandra and Alex, they took turn to take care of me. Alex had been so supportive. He took me out almost everyday.Today being Friday, we settled for the cinema to watch movie, but before that he said we should do some window shopping. So we ended up going to Ikeja City Mall. But something happened, we saw Eric and Annabelle and I lost interest immediately. They walked up to us upon seeing me."Omotara," He said "Mr Olaosebikan how are you doing... Meet Alexander Badmus my manager," I said "Am okay... Wow Alexander the gre
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Chapter 10
ERIC'S POV I woke up to a throbing headache. Memories of yesterday came like flash, flooding my brain. I swear, I will not drink much again. As I left my king-size bed, I made up my mind to call my secretary because I won't be able to go to the company today. "Hy Pamela." I greeted her"Good morning Sir, how are you doing?" She said at the other end"Am fine and you?" I asked "Am okay sir." She said "Okay, please am not coming to office today, so reschedule all my meetings." I said "Alright  sir, hope no problem?" She asked with concern "Not at all. I only had a slight headache." I answered her "Okay sir, do take care of yourself." She said finally"And you too." I said I dropped my phone an
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