Little Sight

Sacha's POV

"Euuugghhhh!" Remy groaned from the couch the following morning, "I feel like a dick that is stuck in a very tight underwear and can hardly breathe," she finished, causing me to let out a loud laughter. Remy always had the craziest set of things to say.

"That's what happen when you drink too much alcohol," I told her as I started preparing a fresh batch of pancakes for breakfast in the kitchen.

"How the hell did we get home?" she asked, coming into the kitchen and heading for the fridge.

"Christian dropped us home. He even carried you to the couch."

"Okay, hold up! Who the fuck is Christian?"

"The guy from the club, I doubt you'll even remember when I told you that he caught me from falling."

She huffed, indicating a 'no'.

"He's handsome though. His eyes are like vibrant green, my fingers wanted to ruffle his jet black hair. When he caught me, I thought I was being caught by a god."

"You know you're drooling, right?" Remy cut in , "And burning those damn pancakes."

"Oh shit!" I let out as I flipped the pancakes to the other side. Remy laughed and shortly after, Judy came into the kitchen to join us for breakfast.


After breakfast, Remy and I sat at her computer. She was trying to find something on Christian.

"You're not going to find him like that," I let out after ten vain minutes, "Guys like him probably like a private life."

"Oh come on, a guy that handsome - as you said - is bound to have an online profile." She wasn't giving up, and when she put on her glasses, I knew there was no stopping her.

"AHHA!" She yelled and she turned the computer's screen towards me with a wide smile on her face.

"Christian Alexander. The now twenty-six year old has had one of the most successful year, making him the CEO of his late father's company. The billionaire was seen celebrating with his closest friends at a night club last night," I read aloud, and at the bottom of the screen, was a picture of Christian, fully dressed in a formal attire and the phone number to his company, address of the company and email address.

"OMG." I looked at Remy with a surprise expression on my face.

"A billionaire!" She couldn't contain herself. "Sacha, you've got to get with that."

"No no no no no. I'm not even going to. Remy, he's WAYYY out of my league. I can't. Dude is a fricking billionaire!"

" Sacha, quit being so shy. There's nothing wrong in contacting his job or even going there to see him. He could be your friend. He could be the one to help you out of your struggles. Maybe he can give you a job at his company. You'll never know until you try.Do you really wanna sleep on my uncomfortable couch forever?"

I shook my head no. I hated that couch.

"Okay, how should I contact him really, without looking like some stalker or a desperate bird?"

"Call him," she answered.

I hesitated, but Remy being the bold person that she is, took the phone and dialed. I waited and listened.

"Hi good morning, I'm calling for Mr. Christian Alexander please," she spoke in the receiver.

My heart was racing when I heard the person's voice, whom I assumed was his secretary or personal assistant, "May I ask who's calling?"

"Sacha Rish," Remy used my name.

"Please hold while I transfer your call."

"Here, here, here," Remy moved the receiver to me but I was too scared to take it.

"Sacha! Take the damn phone! The call is being transfer right now."

"No no no. Hang up. I never told you to call him. Hang up." I grabbed the receiver and put it back on the hook, ending the call.

"Why in the hell would you do that?" Remy wasn't pleased.

"I'm not ready to talk to him again. I believe in fate. If I have to see him again, then it should be on fate's term and not yours." I walked away and went to join Judy in the bedroom.


The same afternoon, when Remy had put on a movie and we were stuffing our faces with popcorn and ginger-ale sodas, a knock came on the door.

"Expecting anyone?" I asked Remy.

"No," she replied without looking in my direction. She was now too caught up in the movie and so was my kid sister.

"Fine, I'll get it," I said and peeled myself off the couch and went to the door.

"She's not expecting anyone," I said as the door was being open.

"You called my office today?"

My mouth fell open, a few chewed popcorn falling out.

Christian came.

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I have a bad vibe about Christian and its only because someone made a comment about him doing her wrong, I hope its not true

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