Little Brown Benefit

Little Brown Benefit

By:  Mavelinebelle Maveline Pascal   Ongoing
Language: English
8 ratings
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Sacha Rish had a duty to support her kid sister after the death of their parents but when life dished out hardship and Christian Alexander, the handsome rich man, Sacha finds herself having to make a choice between her pride and her bank account.

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I read this book several years ago. One of my first books on this forum. The author did an amazing job on this book. I really hated the FL best friend. The ML best friend was a Slur. Messing sound with his BF fiancée … the fiancée was nut case!!! The ML finally came through!
2023-03-12 11:32:32
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Victoria SkyBlue
This book is so interesting because it caught my interest......
2023-02-11 22:03:30
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Luvenia Flake
I loved the book,but right now I could kill Christian.
2021-05-22 05:32:55
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Crystal Ozohne
I love this book!!!!!!❣️
2021-03-12 03:39:27
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I loved this book, when is the new book Little New Neighbors coming out?
2021-01-25 22:52:29
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Janet Hines
wow this book is so good.
2021-01-25 05:58:15
user avatar
Latanglia Douglas
I love the book so far can't wait till the next chapter
2021-01-25 05:14:33
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Smith Inetta
even though your book is very good very interesting oh, I've had problems with other books being incomplete 4 weeks in months . So I hope this is not one of them . if it is at all possible give an idea of when your next chapters will be updated . I have deleted a couple of apps because of the wait
2021-02-02 02:23:58
31 Chapters
Little Bad Day
Sacha POV SNAP!"Damn It! That's the third comb this week!" I shouted at myself as I stared in subjugation at the broken piece of comb that was still attached to my thick Afro 4C hair.I heaved a loud sigh, contemplating myself in the mirror as I tossed the broken comb in the bin next to my feet. What should I do with my hair now? Knock Knock I leaped but I remembered I wasn't alone in my tiny apartment anymore."I have to pee!" my little sister shouted from the other side of the door."Hold on!" I shouted back and unlocked the door to let her in. She rushed for the toilet and did her business while looking at me."Bad hair day?" she asked when she flushed."Yep. Another one. And I broke another comb.""Wow, you're going for the record," she teased.Judy was ten and I was twenty when we lost both parents in a fatal car accident one year ago.Judy was taken away by the state because they claimed that I wasn't 'fit' enough
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Little Something For Something
SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS PRESENT. READER'S DISCRETION ADVISED. Sacha's POV *Two Weeks Later*"Sis, I'm hungry," Judy said as she clenched her stomach. "Oh Judy, I'll get you some crackers.""I don't want any crackers. I want cereal.""I couldn't get you any more cereal this time Judy. The money we've got remaining is all the money we have right now. We can't waste it so have some crackers with jelly and Kool-aid." A look of disappointment formed on her face and I was certain I saw a tear fell. I rested my head on the table and let out an exhausted sigh. I hated that I could no longer provide the things my little sister wanted, especially her favorite cereal. A knock came to the door suddenly and I rose. I crept to the door and looked through the peephole. I had been ducking and dodging my landlord for two weeks now and I was hoping it wasn't him at the door demanding his money. It was my best f
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Little Tough
Sacha's POV "Sacha, the cops are here!" Remy called from the living room. I was in the bathroom, trying to piece myself together from the awful encounter I had with that brute. "Coming!" I responded. I took one more look in the mirror then joined Remy and two police officers, both male, in my living room. "You're Sacha Rish?" the first one asked. "Yes sir," I answered. "You're the one who phoned us about a sexual assault?" "Actually, my friend phoned you but it happened to me," I clarified. "Uh huh. We'll need you to come to the station to make an official police report on the incident ma'am." "But...." "Sach, just go. I'll stay here for when Judy gets home from school," Remy offered. "Thank you so much." I took my cellphone and purse and followed the two officers to their squad car on the pavement. Twenty minutes later, we arrived at the police station where I was ushered inside and up to a d
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Little Clubbing
Sacha's POV "A man is the last thing on my mind!" I yelled over the music to my best friend who had very much insisted that I needed myself a man tonight and  for a very long time. She had already managed to drag me to this club with her but I wasn't about to let her pin some stranger on me as a task of hers. She handed me a drink and as it hit my nostrils, I knew I'd be drunk before the night was over. I took one sip but she held the bottom of the glass to my mouth until I didn't have a choice but to drink its entire content. It burned the back of my throat as it made its way to my stomach. "Good girl!" she yelled but I scolded her with my eyes. "Ohhhhh! That's that song! Sacha! Let's hit the floor!" she said and tugged my arm with brute strength that it was impossible to pull away and not comply. We were in the middle of the dance floor, da
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Little Sight
Sacha's POV"Euuugghhhh!" Remy groaned from the couch the following morning, "I feel like a dick that is stuck in a very tight underwear and can hardly breathe," she finished, causing me to let out a loud laughter. Remy always had the craziest set of things to say."That's what happen when you drink too much alcohol," I told her as I started preparing a fresh batch of pancakes for breakfast in the kitchen."How the hell did we get home?" she asked, coming into the kitchen and heading for the fridge."Christian dropped us home. He even carried you to the couch.""Okay, hold up! Who the fuck is Christian?""The guy from the club, I doubt you'll even remember when I told you that he caught me from falling."She huffed, indicating a 'no'."He's handsome though. His eyes are like vibrant green, my fingers wanted to ruffle his jet black hair. When he caug
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Little Offer
Sacha's POV"Are you going to invite me in, or just stare the whole time?" he asked with a smirk."What..oh yeah, sure, come on in," I gestured as I moved out of the way to let him through. He walked in as if he owned the place and when his eyes landed on Remy and Judy in the living room, he turned to me."You remember Remy?" I asked. Remy's mouth dropped opened too and Christian laughed."Yes, the one I had to carry," he recollected."Right, and next to her is Judy. My kid sister.""Hi Judy," he greeted with a wave and Judy waved back to him."You two wouldn't mind if I steal Sacha for a few hours?" he asked them and I felt butterflies in my stomach.Are we going somewhere?Is he about to ask me out on a date?"She's all yours," Remy quickly let out.He turned to me."I'll go get d
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Little Contract
Sacha's POVThe next afternoon, I held onto my cellphone with shaking fingers as I dialed Christian's number. I brought the phone up to my ear and my heart beat increased with every ring."Christian," his voice came."H..hi, it's me. Sacha," I stuttered but managed to let out.He remained silent, just listening, so I spoke again. "I've made up my mind and I accept your offer.""Are you sure? I don't want you to feel like you're being forced or manipulated by me. I need this to be one hundred percent your choice," he explained."It is my choice," I quickly covered."Good. I'll see you in thirty minutes.""Wait, you're coming to get me?""Yes," he responded before hanging up the phone.____I ran into Remy's bedroom to get freshened up and dress. I slipped into a black lace panties and a matching bra.
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Little Butterflies
Sacha's POV"How is it possible to not get all up in feelings for him? That dude is finer than baby hair," Remy said when I explained to her about the contract, which was something I shouldn't be doing either but Remy was my best friend."I know right. But if I want twelve million dollars, I can't develop any feelings for him. He said if he catches the tiny bit of feelings, he'll end it.""Then what about after the contract expires. Are you just supposed to pretend like y'all never fucked?""I guess so," I answered as I stepped out of Remy's shoes and my dress. I hooked up my hair for bed. Judy was already asleep and it was almost mid-night. I fought a yawn as my phone vibrated on the couch."Hello.""I need you right now.""Christian, but it's almost mid-night. I'm also getting ready for bed.""You've read the contract. It said you have to please m
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Little Encounter
Sacha's POVI sat on his special-made bed in his bedroom, waiting for him to get out of the shower. It was now time for our very first encounter and I was shaking like a leaf during a storm."You're still dress?" he asked, stepping into my vision, wrapped with a white bath towel around his lower body. He looked at me attentively as I got off the bed and started taking off my clothes."Slower," he ordered and I obliged. I removed the straps to my dress as if I was in a slow motion film and Christian was the director. The dress dropped to my feet and I stepped out of it."Leave those on," he ordered again, stating that I should remain in my underwear.He moved closer towards me and pulled me against his rock hard chest. He trailed his lips to my neck, just as before, and sucked on my sensitive parts. He then tilted my face upwards to his and kissed me passionately. I responded as best as I could. Wave
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Little Pain In The Ass
Christian's POVI pulled onto the pavement and Audrey immediately got out of the car when it came to a stop. She walked quickly into the mansion and I followed behind."It's nice that you're finally home, Christian. How was work?" Her voice carried anger."Work is work. What's the matter with you again?" I asked her as I checked my emails in my phone."You're seriously asking me that question? YOU'RE NEVER HOME! I feel like it's me alone who's in this relationship here.""Audrey, why are you complaining when this is what you asked for? You knew about my busy schedules but you wanted to move in with me regardless. You chose to quit your job because I've got money. Now you expect me to stay at home with you and keep you company?""I want a baby, Christian!""And I told you that I'm not ready for kids!""We've been together for two years, Christian! Tw
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