Chapter 8

My stomach dropped when each of the men came forward, and I could see the gleam of gunmetal in their hands.

I felt like time slowed just for a moment and I wondered what my Dad was doing. I wondered what he would think when I never came home that night.

A small scream left my lips when the backdoor to the club slammed open with a loud bang. The metal door crashed against the bricks of the building at the force.

Viktor ran out of the club, his golden eyes searching his surroundings rapidly.

"Just in time." Aela sounded relieved.

He locked eyes with me and the aura radiating from him made me shrink closer to the chain link fence. He was beyond furious.

"That's not normal." Aela was stunned, even she could feel the power rolling from him.

He leaped forward and grabbed me by the wrist, his leather gloves scorched my ice cold skin. I stumbled as he yanked me behind him and faced the men coming our way.

I was sure they
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Cherry Mae Arcite
more please . I'm enjoying the action and love around the character. I think I'll gonna love sticking around this story .
goodnovel comment avatar
I loving this story so far. Excited to read more. I do hope we get Viktors POV at some point!!!
goodnovel comment avatar
Paydahbin Aby
Plot twist: Caroline and Bella’s uncle are mates conspiring to take over the thrown, Viktor is a hybrid, and only Bella’s dad knows of his true identity? Anyways, love this story so far!

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