The Alpha King's Daughter

The Alpha King's Daughter

By:  Jane Doe  Completed
Language: English
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"Dad I've told you a hundred times, I don't need a body guard." I growled, my eyes locked on the god-like man at his side.Arabella Adair, the only heir of the Alpha King, detests her strikingly yet silent body guard. A mask shields half of his face, leaving only his intoxicating eyes and tousled hair revealed. The strange gloves he constantly wears, and the refusal to speak continues to drive Arabella mad. In the midst of the chaos in her Kingdom, she sets her attention on her body guard. Her insane attraction to her mysterious body guard fuels her need for the truth. More determined than ever, she plans to use everything at her disposal to uncover his secrets.

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Catty Wheels
I'm totally awed lol. I told myself after reading this book that I'd never be taken by surprised again by you. You are the true definition of amazing. Love you and your books! Viktor holds a special place in my heart!
2024-04-24 10:29:14
default avatar
will there be a book two? we've been waiting so long! this was top 5 fav books for me
2024-04-20 06:16:10
default avatar
Loved this book, although a rushed ending
2024-02-19 05:29:41
default avatar
Loved it couldn’t put it down like all your books but this is one of my favourites. Looking forward to the second book!
2024-01-24 20:02:29
user avatar
Great read and the book was well written bordering on UNPUTDOWNABLE Please start book 2 sooner rather than later
2024-01-01 10:37:09
default avatar
Jacquelyn Hoeve
Loved it but it ended on a cliffhanger. Really hoping for the sequel to tie loose ends together. Couldn’t put the book down!
2023-11-13 06:19:17
user avatar
Jyotsna Patra
very very good story... I think the second Book will be more about Victor and his past and the upcoming storm.. hope they will be staying together forever. waiting for the second book
2023-11-04 03:53:00
user avatar
Rhonda Waters
Loved this story! Please write book 2 soon.
2023-11-02 22:58:24
user avatar
Kim Tilbrook
One of the best books I've ever read in my life! I've read it about 3 times now!! The author really needs to write the sequel (PLEASE DON'T LEAVE US HANGING!!!), it's been over a year now, please write the 2bd book ASAP!!!!!!
2023-10-04 05:27:34
user avatar
Zainab Ibrahim
This is the best book ever. I ... love it so much. Can't wait for the second part ...️
2023-09-30 18:53:08
user avatar
Santana C
Been waiting for book 2 on this but you just keep writing new books. Please complete this book soon!
2023-09-28 10:11:06
user avatar
Lorna Yarberry
IT HAS BEEN OVER A YEAR! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee come back for book 2?! Begging ya!! The suspense is killing me!
2023-09-21 11:29:59
default avatar
When will you plan to write a sequel for this book? Thanks.
2023-07-26 11:38:25
user avatar
Second time I’ve read this book and still have a feel good feeling Thanks author
2023-04-30 07:06:46
default avatar
I’m struggling so hard to remember where these two came from or I’m imagining it. Isn’t this Dains parents?
2023-04-16 21:17:43
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55 Chapters
"Dad, I've told you a hundred times. I don't need a bodyguard." I groaned, flopping down on my bed. My dad was quiet for a while, but I could still sense his presence in my room."You know he's only trying to keep you safe." My wolf, Aela, scolded me."Arabella." My dad's stern voice called out and I reluctantly sat up and met his silver eyes. I could feel the power of the Alpha King fill my bedroom and I resisted the urge to shudder.Aela grumbled, "We'll you've done it now."His Alpha power didn't affect me quite the same, being his daughter had some perks. Nonetheless, I resisted the urge to cringe under his intense gaze.I sighed, knowing this conversation was going nowhere. "Yes dad?""You will behave and let your bodyguard protect you." His commanding voice filled my ears and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes.All of the training I had endured wouldn't change his mind. He insisted I was no match for his enemies, not without becoming
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Chapter 1
I woke early in the morning. The sun had yet to fully rise, but I couldn't bring myself to fall back asleep.My sleep was plagued with nightmares, always surrounding my Mom. The startled look in her eyes as one of the rogues threatened to pounce on me. The scream that tore through her throat as she shifted and saved my life. And finally, the light that left her eyes when the rogue tore out her throat, her black fur slick with fresh blood. My Dad hadn't seen the moment her last breath escaped from her lungs. He was fighting off three rogues at once, fighting to keep us all safe.I watched the light leave her eyes, and I was almost positive I could feel when her soul had finally left her body accompanied by her wolf, her closest companion. The loss tore a hole straight through me, the ache was a constant reminder that she was gone. She had died trying to save me.I pulled myself from the plush bed and slipped on a robe as I headed to the bathroom. The chill in the ai
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Chapter 2
I refused to let Viktor interrupt my daily routines, one of which included sneaking through the kitchen to steal one of Sheila's famous muffins. I was almost a hundred percent sure that Sheila and Shannon we're witches in their past life, because it was nearly impossible to get anything past them.That just made my antics even more fun.I crept into the busy kitchen, instantly noticing that Sheila was busy ordering some of the other cooks around. I smiled to myself, she was definitely distracted.I crept up to the counter where a plate of her muffins sat steaming. An audible groan left my lips as I turned to see Viktor sticking out like a sore thumb."Do you not know how to be stealthy?" I groaned at him, my eyes keeping track of Sheila.In a move that surprised me, his dark eyebrow lifted and his obsidian gaze remained locked on me.I glanced at Sheila, and figured this would be my only chance. I snatched up one of the muffins and shot a glare at
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Chapter 3
I set my plan into motion that night, determined to provoke any form of reaction I could from VIktor. While I wasn't necessarily the most attractive girl in the world, I had some things working in my favor.My raven colored hair cascaded down my back in waves, while my green eyes stood out against the contrast of my porcelain skin. I had nice curves and a full chest at my disposal.I grabbed a pair of panties and a tanktop and slipped my clothes off as I headed to the bathroom. I quickly turned the shower on and waited impatiently for the hot water. A sigh escaped my lips as the hot water soothed my sore muscles.I took my time in the shower, letting the hot water wash away my stress as much as it could.Stepping out of the shower, I wrapped one of the towels around my body. I missed the shower mat with my foot and slid forward. A yelp of surprise came from my lips as I knocked into the sink. The glass cup on the edge fell to the floor and shattered."S
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Chapter 4
I woke up that morning, feeling the best I had in quite some time. The nightmares didn't torment me tonight and I was shocked when I had actually slept in until 11 a.mSitting up, I stretched and wiped the fogginess from my eyes. I slid off of the bed and nearly screamed when my eyes met Viktor's .He was sitting on the couch, his elbow on the arm resting as his eyes were locked on my own. How long had he been here and did he really watch me sleep?I completely forgot that I was in nothing but a thin tanktop and a pair of lace panties, but I didn't feel self-conscious. I certainly should have, after all he was a man while I still felt like a girl."That eager to take another look?" I smirked and crossed my arms over my chest. The butterflies bounced around in my stomach at the sight of him.He was back to wearing his formal long sleeve shirt, black slacks, leather gloves, and a black mask over the lower half of his face. I could feel myself grow more ir
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Chapter 5
I made the trek from the gazebo to my Uncle's office. Over the years, I slowly memorized the entire house and all of it's maze-like corridors.As a child, I would often sneak to my Uncle or Dad's office to listen in on some of the meetings they had. While I couldn't understand most of their conversations, it made me feel like a spy.I knocked a couple times on the large oak door and waited. After a few moment's it swung open and someone stepped out. A strange looking man with an even stranger expression on his face."Princess Arabella." The man nodded, and I looked at him curiously. His light blue eyes trailed over my face slowly, and I felt like an exhibit on display. There was something in his gaze that made me uncomfortable.He had light colored hair that swooped over his head in a single directon. His matching colored beard hung down to his adam's apple. I couldn't recall ever meeting him before."Hello, sir." I nodded my head and gave him a small s
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Chapter 6
The rest of the evening went horrifically slow. My Uncle's words replayed in my head on a constant loop along with Viktor's two powerful words."Fuck power." His deep and rough voice combatted my Uncle's words with fury.I found it strange for someone like him to say "fuck power". Someone so huge and much faster than a normal Lycan. He seemed to be swimming in power."Shouldn't we put ourselves first for a change?" Aela frowned.I sighed, wishing it were that simple. "Aela, we're going to have an entire Kingdom to look after. Sometimes it's much bigger than that.""It's not as hard as you're making it out to be. Our mate was paired with us for a reason, they'll help us." Aela was confident."If we ever meet him." I sighed.I could only imagine how Aela was feeling. Humans and wolves were vastly different when it came to dealing with things. Being the daughter of the Alpha King, Aela's instincts are to protect her
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Chapter 7
I spent the rest of the day lounging about, horrifically bored. I gave Viktor a break with the teasing, fully planning on resuming once I dressed for the party.I wasn't dressing to impress anyone else, just Viktor. I wanted to see if he could keep his emotionless gaze when he saw what I was planning to wear.Caroline knocked on my bedroom door around 8:30 p.m. Viktor stepped inside my room as Caroline entered and leaned against the wall."Um, is he going to stay in here?" Caroline glanced at me, a confused look on her face.I chuckled and shook my head, "As long as you're here, he is.""I'm no threat to Arabella, but you on the other hand." Caroline smirked at Viktor, whose gaze was solely focused on me.I rolled my eyes. Once we got to the party she'd set her sights on some other poor victim and leave my bodyguard alone. "Come on Caroline, pick out a dress."We walked into the giant walk-in closet I rarely used and I pulled my dress
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Chapter 8
My stomach dropped when each of the men came forward, and I could see the gleam of gunmetal in their hands.I felt like time slowed just for a moment and I wondered what my Dad was doing. I wondered what he would think when I never came home that night.A small scream left my lips when the backdoor to the club slammed open with a loud bang. The metal door crashed against the bricks of the building at the force.Viktor ran out of the club, his golden eyes searching his surroundings rapidly."Just in time." Aela sounded relieved.He locked eyes with me and the aura radiating from him made me shrink closer to the chain link fence. He was beyond furious."That's not normal." Aela was stunned, even she could feel the power rolling from him.He leaped forward and grabbed me by the wrist, his leather gloves scorched my ice cold skin. I stumbled as he yanked me behind him and faced the men coming our way.I was sure they
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Chapter 9
I got ready for bed that night feeling more emotions than I thought humanly possible.Most of those emotions revolved around my god-like body guard and not the attempt on my life.What was so important about his identity that he couldn't just tell me? Was he worried I'd be scared? I had already seen him brutally murder four men. I wasn't sure he could get worse than that. And yet I couldn't shake the way I felt about him. He was alluring, comforting, and distant all at the same time.Most of my emotions stemmed from the massive guilt I was feeling. I had a mate somewhere out in the world, and here I was teasing and pursuing my deadly body guard.I couldn't help it though. The minute I chose to tease Viktor, it had been like jumping on a roller coaster at full speed. It was dangerous and I may not survive it, but I couldn't get off the ride no matter how much I wanted to.My attraction towards Viktor was intoxicating, but I felt like I was cheating
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