91. Dave Is Comeback

Fero rushed into the apartment when it was raining outside very hard. He knew for sure that Yuna was waiting for him as usual. But what are you going to do? Earlier he had to persuade Cassandra to let him go home.

So when the time was showing one o'clock in the morning Fero had just arrived home. He knew very well that at this moment Yuna would be very angry with him. And Fero will accept with an open heart if Yuna will be angry with him.

Slowly, Fero opened the apartment door. .but what he found. Instead, the apartment is dark. Fero's brow furrowed, because he felt something strange.

"Isn't Yuna usually turning off all the lights? Is she asleep? Tsk... but still it's impossible for her to turn off all the lights, even when she's sleeping!"

This was definitely not like what Yuna used to do. Because as far as Fero knows, Yuna is most afraid of the dark.

Fero started to feel bad. He turned on all the lights and kept calling for Yuna.


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