Late Loving You

Late Loving You

By:  Noe larassati  Completed
Language: English
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Vero flatly refused the match between his parents. For Fero, the true love in his life is only Cassandra, his lover. But a situation turns all the stories around, Fero likes the girl he once rejected to be his soul mate. But it was too late, the girl didn't want Fero. How will it end? Can Fero get back, the heart of the girl he hurt in the past? So what made Fero turn to love that girl ?. see his story in the novel "Late Loving You"

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Noe larassati
Welcome to my novel
2021-04-21 15:39:54
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i like the story ?
2020-11-11 06:38:56
user avatar
Keep it up!
2020-11-11 03:49:13
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Anizz Suranizz
Next chapter please
2020-11-10 18:04:24
user avatar
Good story? I really like !!
2020-11-10 17:17:13
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like it, next please
2020-11-10 17:04:42
user avatar
Great book. Keep it up?
2020-11-10 16:55:32
user avatar
nice story ? next pleaseee
2020-11-10 16:28:26
user avatar
Good book? I really enjoyed it! ❤
2020-11-10 16:01:44
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I think the story is nice, but the English is terrible, very confusing
2022-01-23 06:55:29
169 Chapters
1. Proloq
Mutual sighs shouted from each other, emerged from a luxurious room that was inhabited by a pair of people who were drunk with desire."Ahh, ahh, honey, it hurts," The woman grimaced in pain as the man continued to stab his junior into the woman's narrow hole."Hold on for a moment," While the man continued to force his junior who was already upright. Will be able to penetrate the woman's fortress.Blush.Until one beat, when he pushed his junior very hard and broke the hymen, which belonged to the girl who was under his confinement.blood flows through the groin."Thank you, making me the first," the man kissed the top of his woman's head, and continued their hot activities.While the woman is smiling, her efforts so far have finally paid off. the man she loves is willing to accept it, even at the expense of her virginity.*****A
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2. Please, Love Me
Yuna can only smile wryly remembering how Fero's treatment of Cassandra is very gentle, very different from the way Fero treats her.But what can I do? after all, this is all his fault, she insisted on an arranged marriage with Fero, even using his father's power, so that Fero would accept the match. No wonder Fero hates hers so much."Princess, why are you sad?" jimmy approached his girl who was sitting pensive on the sofa in he den."Father?" Yuna called her father with a big smile."Did Fero hurt you?" looked at Jimmy suspiciously.Yuna s
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3. First Meet
Previous...The rain fell so heavily when a funeral was carried out, the mourners immediately rushed to save themselves from being hit by the heavy rain.This is different from a young woman who is only twelve years old. The teenage girl who had just continued her education at the junior high school level was very hysterical about the departure of her mother."Mommy, Yuna wants to come with Mommy, Mommy." She kept hugging her mother's grave and refused to let anyone invite her to come home."Honey, Mommy is calm there, let's go home, okay? Yuna will get sick if the rain keeps on raining like this
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4. Your Girlfriend
Yuna's meeting at that time with Fero. Make Yuna continue to follow wherever Fero goes. For Yuna, Fero is her passion.Yuna still remembers very well how Fero meticulously fed and entertained himself. Her heart, which was cold at first, became warmer because of Fero."You seethe rain really stopped right, when you came home? "Fero pointed outward, where the heavy rain had changed to a little drizzle."Hemm, you're right. So from now on I have your word?" Yuna asked innocently."Of course, from now on follow whatever I say. Understood?" said Fero again."Got it," Yuna replied excitedly."One mor
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5.Do You Have, Boyfriend?
"I want to marry Fero!" Yuna said to her father.The father was silent, frowning. Yuna just graduated from junior high school, how could you talk about marriage already."Yuna, Yuna is still young, it's not the time to discuss marriage, what if Yuna focuses on school first?" the father persuaded very gently."Father, the Fero family owes you a debt of gratitude, right? You are the major shareholder in the Fero family, right?" Yuna asked excitedly."Yuna, don't use our assets to get something, dear. Even if Fero wants to marry you later, let him marry you out of love," Jimmy advised hi
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6. Wil You Be My Girlfriend?
Fero's question just now made Cassandra blush. How could I not, the boss where she worked, who was very handsome, rich and kind, asked about her status. What woman wouldn't be happy. Yes, although Fero doesn't necessarily like it. "Not yet the President Director, I've been just busy working so far, I don't have time to date," replied Cassandra shyly. Fero smiled at that. Honestly, over the last few weeks, Fero has been paying attention to his new secretary. fero likes the motherly figure that Cassandra always shows. Cassandra is a neat, nimble and hardworking girl. It was not difficult for Fero to like Cassandra. And Fero is sure, even this time, Yuna will definitely like the relationship, if Fero is really dating Cassandra. because Cassandra is a gentle woman, and would suit Fero very well. "You have free time tonight? How about we have dinner together? If you don't
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7. Long A Night
Yuna rolled her eyes when she received a photo from her friend. Yuna was really annoyed, because Fero seemed to be making out with a woman. The woman Yuna knew was the secretary in Fero's office."You bitch!" Yuna slammed her phone on the bed. his eyes shone with anger.Her desire to be paired with Fero is getting stronger. Yuna will never let go of Fero just like that. Yuna will fight for Fero very hard.Yuna promised that.For now, Yuna will only pretend to be silent and act as if she doesn't know, the relationship between Fero and his secretary, which is important in the end Fero will be her.*****The next day, at Fero's office."Fero...!" Yuna ran and immediately hugged Fero. You know, at this time Cassandra, Fero's lover, is watching hers. And Yuna, did that on purpose, Yuna would make Cassandra jealous of her. And did not last long dating Fero.
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8. Make Your Choise
Fero and Cassandra who have been filled with lust don't care anymore, where they are now, all they have in their heads is how to satisfy their desires.They intend to have sex in the car.Fero hastily took off the blazer that Cassandra was wearing. while Cassandra still didn't want to let go of her kiss from Fero. Cassandra was busy licking Fero's lips.Two people of the opposite sex are looking for their own satisfaction.Because he couldn't take it anymore, Fero hurriedly pushed his junior into Cassandra's hole. Channeling his passion there. enjoy every moan and sigh that comes out of Cassandra's sexy lips.While Cassandra never tire of mentioning Fero's name every pleasure she gets.fero really enjoys the activities that are currently being carried out with Cassandra, until without realizing it, Fero doesn't know, in the middle of having sex with his. Cassandra reached
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9. Because, I Love You
Fero glared at Yuna who was now in front of him. Fero's parents have just informed that Fero has been betrothed to Yuna. And the engagement will be done soon, in the near future."Yuna, you can tell your father right? You refuse this matchmaking. Can you?" fero really begged Yuna.Fero still thinks that if he doesn't love Yuna, for Fero, his feelings for Yuna are nothing more than a brother's love for his younger sister.But not for Yuna. She loves Fero as a grown woman."I do not want!" Yuna answered firmly."Why? You know that? Cassandra and I have been dating for a long time? I told you a few weeks ago. You didn't forget, did you?" Fero tried to remember right.Fero had chosen to acknowledge Cassandra in front of Yuna. After being pressed by Cassandra. At first Fero was surprised, because when he told Yuna, the girl didn't seem to have any reaction. As if not surprised and already know. But Fero still thinks positively, that maybe Yuna al
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10. Engagement Plan
"Have you told Yuna? If we are dating?" Cassandra asked enthusiastically.Fero had contacted Cassandra, and said, if he was going to meet Yuna to explain to the girl, that Fero already had another woman. So from now on Yuna can no longer disturb Yuna at will."Yes, I have," answered Fero, nodding, but his face was gloomy. Fero looks very sad. And Cassandra knows it.Cassandra approached Fero and hugged her lover's arm. "Is there any problem?" Cassandra asked softly."Yuna loves me!" Fero answered quietly. Which of course made Cassandra roll her eyes."What? She loves you? Hemm... I guessed it! there's no way he only thinks of you as an older brothers, the look in her eyes is enough to explain that she loves you as a woman," Cassandra was very annoyed.Cassandra's suspicions have been proven right. there's no way Yuna's attitude that hates all women close to Fero, is only limited to the fear of a younger sister who doesn't want her brother's
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