Oh No!

What Dave said. It will not be easy to talk to Fero because the man will do anything to stay with Yuna and will not let Yuna go forever and that is enough to make Dave's head feel very dizzy. All the efforts he will do will only be in vain and will not work at all because the only one Fero will love is Yuna.

If you want to be explained in any way, Fero will never allow Yuna to be taken away by Dave, Dave should have understood that from the start. Everything will never be easy.

Yuna herself at this point prefers to roll her eyes in embarrassment. Not knowing what kind of human words to speak anymore so that Fero understands and is willing to let himself go. All will remain deadlocked.

Like what Dave said. If Fero will not easily let Yuna go home with Dave. Also the man would never want to know even though Yuna forbade him to come hundreds of times. It will never be of any use. Because in the end Fero will still come and upset Yuna's lif

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