Chapter 12

      By 10:30pm, Jason knocked on Prisca's door but he got no response. He knocked three more times before a sleepy Prisca opened the door.

   "Someone's late" she smiled sleepily as she stepped aside for him to enter. Damn he looked fine. She wanted to kiss him,hold him and-

  "Prisca" he said cutting her dirty thoughts. Jason sat on the chair behind the door.

   "Are you comfortable there?" she asked him as she walked to the wardrobe and stripped completely nudes as she searched for pajamas

   "Prisca fuck!" He exclaimed "why on earth would you strip in front of me?"

   "You're going to see it sooner or later anyways" she put on her shorts and then paired it with a tank top.

   "You sound so sure"

   She said nothing as she walked to the bed facing his seat. "Shift the chair closer" she said and he complied. "So I'm ready sir" and then she added    &

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