Her personal bodyguard

Her personal bodyguard

By:  Joey benny  Ongoing
Language: English
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Assaulted by her first bodyguard at a young age, prisca Evans the only child to the millionaire Chris Evans grows a weird sexual attraction for her bodyguards .there comes a time that she has to choose between love and her sanity. Will she choose love? Or will she choose herself?

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Is this story going to get updated?
2021-12-25 16:06:40
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Ybhor Zurc Aled Torres
I like this story. it's very decent and professional manner showed us.
2021-09-13 19:50:00
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Miracle Okafor
I love this book it's very educational
2021-04-27 16:20:28
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Ruel Montecillo
Very nice story and sought-after chapters
2020-11-23 17:47:08
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Sonya Scott
Great book can't wait for more chapters!!
2021-02-12 13:45:22
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Another abandoned book. Reader beware don't read this. Good Novel should screen their "Writers" better and avoid the deadbeats. What a waste of time and money!
2022-04-03 08:42:04
24 Chapters
Chapter 1
     The alarm blared throughout out the room as prisca stretched out her hands to shut it off and got out of bed to start her daily routine. It's  another stressful day and she needs to get to work. "Shoot I'm late!! "she exclaimed as she struggled to put on her make up as fast as possible. Done, she rushed out of her room down the stairs towards the door. "Good morning mom! Good morning dad!" As she passed through the living room "I'm off to work see you when I get back".                                                          "Ok darling drive carefully!"her mum yelled back.                                             "Oh shoot I have to drive myself"she complained as she speed walked to her car. "Well I
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Chapter 2
    Prisca spotted jason in front of the car as soon as she exited the company's building so she headed towards him."good evening ma'am"he said as he entered the driver seat. Prisca followed suit entering the front seat. "Uhm ma'am you're supposed to seat at the back"he said looking at her waringly.                                                        "This is my car and I decide where I sit jason"she said slightly annoyed. "Or do you have a problem with that?".           "No ma'am "he grumbled.                         "Good so move the car then".                 The ride to the house was even more awkward that the ride to the company. Prisca sat there memorizing every single thing about j
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Chapter 3
The next morning,prisca took time picking out the perfect outfit. She settled for a short black of shoulder dress. Professional but sexy that was what she was aiming for, she loved it. At about 7:15 prisca was done with everything  and so she decided to stay at the living room and maybe chat with her parents while she waited for jason.                                                    "Good morning mum, morning dad"she said as she kissed them on their cheeks and then sat on the chair beside her father. Just then, Jason strutted down the stairs with his signature black suit. Prisca locked gazes with him for a second, he was absolutely breathtaking she thought. She noticed the way he clenched his jaw, the way he bit his bottom lip.          "Good morning mr. Evans, Mrs. Evans"he said giving them a slight nod    " hel
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Chapter 4
    Prisca got up the next morning feeling a lot better, she called her personal assistant  to inform her of her leave and to instruct her to bring whatever important thing she needs to do or sign straight to the house and reschedule the not so important ones. When she was done with the call, she entered the bathroom, brushed her teeth and took a relaxing bath. She wore a gray jogger and a black T-shirt and then but her hair up in a messy bun.                                                              Prisca laid on the bed thinking, she needed to speak with Jason. Surely she didn't like the way he left angrily yesterday. He wasn't even at dinner last night. She went downstairs to the living room to check for him but he wasn't there but her parents were instead. Jane saw prisca coming down the stairs. "How are you
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Chapter 5
 She knew this was wrong, she had said this to herself a thousand times. She knew she shouldn't be going down this road again. But like every other time, she blocked out every thought. "Done"he said as he began to redraw back when prisca swiftly sat on his lap and began to kiss and suck on his neck.    She gently pushed him to lay down as she leaned down slightly to look at him. As she gazed into his eyes, she could see pure desire and a bit of uncertainty, but she was about to make the decision for him. She dipped down and began to bite and suck on his neck again.    Jason's mind kept telling him that this was wrong, so wrong. But why wasn't he stopping it?  Why were  the only sound coming from his mouth groans of pleasure?.    She climbed up his throat to his chin and finally, she claimed his lips. The passion with which the kiss grew made it clear that they had both longed for this moment. He dipped
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Chapter 6
Prisca stepped out and headed down the stairs back to the living room. She saw jason and blake arguing about something seriously. But once they noticed her,they stopped and composed themselves.                      "We'll finish this later"jason said with a hard look on his face and then he headed towards the stairs to his room. Blake did nothing but laugh lightly then turned his attention to prisca. "Is he coming? ".                                        "Uhm yeah, he'll be down with you shortly"she said smiling lightly.     "Alright thanks".    She nodded and just when she turned to leave, blake said "are you just going to leave me here? at least stay till he comes" he said " I might be a thief you know".    She was about to reply when she saw her dad moving towa
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Chapter 7
      She placed her  bags on the kitchen counter and arranged them in the fridge, fruit basket, freezer and counter. Then carried her toiletries to her room.    She walked into the kitchen and stood beside him. "So where do I start?" She said and proceeded to take the groceries from the bag he kept to cook for her but he stopped her.   "For today, I'm your chef prisca, so sit down and look pretty".  She stared at him as the corners of her mouth emerged into a smile.    "No I'm helping you sir"   She tried to take out the groceries again but he immediately carried her bridal style and walked out of the kitchen.    "Blake stop" she laughed  "No I won't" he said as he walked towards the middle sofa. "I said no funny business, but you're forcing me to".  He gently put her down on the sofa. "No stay here, while I cook something for you" he said then wa
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Chapter 8
    The next day,  prisca woke up pretty early. She brushed her teeth, took her bathe and headed down for breakfast. When she reached the dining, she saw her dad, belinda and brenda sitting there.  Belinda was laughing at something her father said and  sincerely, she felt disgusted. She had to remind herself that her mother was more important at the moment and that she was going to deal with them later.  With that in mind, she wore a big smile on her face and walked towards them. "Good morning dad, brenda, belinda" she smiled.  Her father smiled at her and belinda just nodded.      "Hey babes, sorry we couldn't have the girl's night yesterday, I was so tired" brenda said    "Oh no its fine, I was tired too" she said as she sat beside her.    "So tonight?"   "Yeah of course, no problem"     "Am I invited?" She butted in  "Sure you are
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Chapter 9
She leaned in and kissed his lips, he took over the kiss as he tilted her chin and kissed her better whilst she ran her hands over his abs. Without breaking the kiss, he dragged his hand down to her stomach, then he continued downwards until he slowly slipped his hand into her panties and the minute he put his finger in her, she bit his lower lip. Prisca was wet and the fact that it happened even though they haven't really done anything asides kissing turned him on even more. He moved his fingers in and out of her as his lips got to work on the rest of her body, emanating gasps and moans from her lips. Her hair sprawled all over the place as he continued to pleasure her with his hands and lips. He wanted to really pleasure her, to go all in and make her feel things no man have ever made her feel but now wasn't the time.    It was really hard to hold himself back, he really wanted to go all in and ravish her but he needed to ask first. &n
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Chapter 10
    "Jason" she said cutting his day dream shut. "Is everything okay?"    "Yeah,why?" He turned to look at her.   Brenda wasn't still convinced,she knew what she saw."Jason,if you're rolling around in Prisca's bed-"          "I'm not" he cut her off                             "I said IF and not WHEN. Well,the point is you'll be doing you're self more harm than good".   Jason was curious because he remembered that drake had warned him but he didn't take it seriously.   "Prisca has had ERM" she trailed off,mentally counting in her head. "About five bodyguards including the last one drake, and Jason you do not want to know what happened to all of them".   "What?" He asked her suddenly intrigued." What happened?"   "You'd probably resign if you knew Jason" she said and this mad
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