A vampyre with feelings

Lenora watched from the shadows as Santos went about his business with the baby strapped to his back. Every so often the little girl would chuckle and grab fistfuls of the old man's hair, earning a growl from her Grandpa as he tried to dislodge her chubby fingers. It was quite unnerving to stare into her eyes as Lenora found out moments after she'd snatched her right under the Luna's nose. She was almost at the edge of the Howling Warrior boundary before she heard the first tortured screams wrenching their way out of Isabella and Lenora had smiled. Who knew how long her father suffered through the torture that the trimates had wrought upon him before his spirit finally flew free. It was only fair that the woman responsible for it all shared in some of that pain. By the time she was finished with Isabella, she would be begging for death. Lenora promised the spirit of her father that she would avenge him, and what better way to achieve that than to prey on the love a mother has for he

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