Chasing Bella's shadow

Chasing Bella's shadow

By:  Venom01  Completed
Language: English
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Shadow Stalker and Isabella Romano were the best of friends until one fateful day when they watched their peaceful village ruthlessly attacked by a savage pack. In the aftermath that followed, one experienced the death of a parent, the other disappeared off pack lands without a trace, and when they finally reunite years later, sparks fly, hearts break, passions smolder, and one wolf's betrayal could spell the end of life as they know it. Warning: This series is copyrighted under New Zealand law. All works related to The Fated series belong solely to Venom01. Any attempt to list any part of this on a website under a different name will result in prosecution.

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132 Chapters
 " Can I keep you?” She whispered, her lips trembling slightly, and her bright violet eyes filled with the fire of the young.“Only if I can keep you, Izzy." He grinned, his gangly arms wrapped tightly around his best friend.“Do you think we’ll be best friends forever, Shadow?”
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The harder she falls
  Seven years later...Left jab, right hook, roundhouse, spin kick ground and repeat, jab, hook, kick, spin, kick sweep repeat.The only sounds that permeated the stale air of the gym were the grunts of suffering coming from the bag in the corner as Isabella punished it.Hours passed, but the 17-year-old didn't care. It was the mating run for her pack tomorrow night, and the other single pack wolves wer
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Beta blood
"Come back to bed, baby."Long red nails trailed down his muscular back as 17-year-old Mikhail Romano sat on the porch finishing his cigarette. Today was The Howling, although he wouldn't be able to participate until next year, not that there was much point in that, he thought bitterly.The Moon Goddess must have been out of
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"Hey! What the hell are you doing!"Elena Michael's had arrived for the annual howling a few hours ago, and immediately began tracking the delicious scent wafting on the breeze, her mate was here, she could feel it.
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The triangle
Cade was a simple man. He had a lovely Omega mate waiting at home for him, with two young pups and a small patch of land where he had built their home still on pack territory.His needs were straightforward enough, the same as his job was..usually.Except now he was trudging through the underbrush with the hosting packs' Betas son Mikhail, grumbling about having to rescue a wolf that couldn't hold his own in a fight.
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These dreams
Her smile beckoned him, and as always, he followed, enraptured by her beauty.This strange yet oddly familiar woman danced in his dreams every night. With her fiery red hair and mysterious violet eyes, she moved for him daring Shadow to take her hand.The woman's laugh sounded like heaven, and he felt himself getting aroused by her undulating hips. Without any warning, he found himself naked, his taut muscles rippling as Shadow walked towards his dream maiden.
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Raeann Romano
Fifteen-year-old Raeann Romano loved her job; working alongside Dr. Williams in the Pack clinic was challenging and rewarding at the same time.Most girls her age lived for school, and teenage crushes, but not Raeann, after school always filled her with excitement, especially today when the Shadow Moon pack hosted the Annual Howling; she wasn't yet old enough to shift and was a few years off finding her mate, but Raeann didn't mind.She had promised herself from a very early age that she would never rely on a mate to make her life feel worthy, Isabella, Raeann's older sister was all the proof she needed to convince her that forming a strong attachment to another being made you vulnerable, and that was something R
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When two becomes three
 'Fucking thorns!' Mikhail picked another one out of his face, flinching as a hundred others still embedded in his skin made themselves known; it would be getting dark soon, and he was still out off the beaten track, too prideful to mind link for help, thorns stuck every which way but loose, and he was damned if he knew where that mini tornado came from?One minute he was talking to a visiting pack warrior, the next thing he knew, Mikhail was twenty feet in the air, spinning around like sugar in a candyfloss machine speeding away from his intended destination.And, they didn't even check-in to see if he managed to escape from it, it was unacceptable, and he was pissed.
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The Royals
The moon was at most, an hour away from itś highest peak, and in the clearing on the north side of Blakewood forest, hundreds of naked figures stood silently waiting.The air was alive with electricity and racing heartbeats, the smell of hope perfuming the night air as each wolf present hoped that this year would be the year they returned with a fated mate.Each pack had itś own space, members standing side by side according to age and rank, with the Royal pack on a stage above everyone else.This year four young Royals were looking for their fated, sending many a heart aflutter at the thought of being tied to the s
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The Hunt
Colette heard it, the moment she shifted into her Russett colored wolf. The powerful howl pulled her in and before she knew it she was answering his call with one of her own. Her mate was here!Any thoughts of Mikhail fled as she searched for the owner of the compelling howling, picking up itś pace now that he had heard her wolfś answering call, wolves from different packs began to disengage from the masses, trotting to the front, making it easier to find their fated mate.
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