Chapter 69~I am guilty ~

Echo’s POV:

“Where is he? Where did he go?” I was asked this same question constantly time and again?

“I shot him and you saw him as well. He fell off from the cliff. I have no things to explain other than this. I hope you have will stick with the promise that you have done to me as of now there is actually not an EAGLE,” I said frustratedly and painfully.

The last sentence that the Eagle now actually do not exist was making my heart suffer a lot. I should have been happy. I should have been proud that I was able to hand over the whole nation’s villain to them. I should be proud that he was no more but…

I wasn’t. 

Demonte Damelo has always been one of the worst fantasy of mine. I would never be able to forget him for my whole life time. I couldn’t forget him.

“Thank you for your assistance. Now the only job left is drawing his sketch. Please
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Olayemi Ariwoola Oyelude
why will. she do that.. how did he cheat on her

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