My boyfriend is a beautiful beast

My boyfriend is a beautiful beast

By:  Rosechrys  Completed
Language: English
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He is the Eagle, the unknown face but the known name in the underworld mafia. She is sweet and normal girl who was just betrayed by her fiance. She was searching for the life for herself. But what happens when these two who are completely unknown of their future clash together? What happens when the most powerful underworld mafia asks her to be his son's nanny and she falls for him hard? Will he fall for her despite the fact that he was once betrayed? Will he be able to replace her? Warning:∆The following contents may contain scenes which aren't tolerable and appropriate for some readers.Please, read at your own risk.Contains mature contents of violence, murder, blood shedding and sexual intimacies.∆

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168 Chapters
**Prologue** As soon as she was awaken, the beautiful brims of sunlight was what fell on her face. With the bright sunlight reflecting so much of light in her eyes, she winced and wiggled to keep herself away from them. She shifted her head to another side and blinked her eyes couple of times before she viewed  and comprehended the situation around her. She searched her hand as soon as she opened her eyes but found that they were tied together behind her back with the tight ropes and so were her legs. Her mouth had piece of cloth which made her unable to speak, cry and shout to anyone. She was laid down on the bed and her whole body was tied on it. “Good Morning, Mademoiselle,” a rough, rude, arrogant and hunky voice hit her ears and she turned her head towards the voice originating from another side.With a big round wide eyes she stared at him. She was literally trembling an
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Chapter 1 ~I pity myself ~
Echo’s Pov:I am Echo Belle Johnson. Really long name, right?  Many people gets confused when I actually say that I own both the name Echo and Belle. Both of the names are contrasting with the actual characters I own.  I don’t even understand why I have the name Echo when I was the most silent person when I was kid and why I got the name Belle when I was an ordinary beauty who wasn’t even in the top twenty beauty of the classes I attended to.Honestly I felt like these two names were the mockery to my existence, a total mockery I say. You can openly call me an introvert as I had really less of friends and I interacted with people quite less. You see why the name Echo sounded funny to me.I turned to a college student some four years ago and, yeah college life was really a dope one. I mean parties, club, disco, liquors, hook ups, break ups, patch ups, make outs, long crazy drives, unplanned trips.
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Chapter 2~Decision for myself~
Echo’s Pov:"Marry me, Echo. Please, marry me. I need you,"he said.His eyes seemed to be  true and it made me almost believe him until I heard his next words." I will promise you you will get all the things that you want. I will provide you with all your luxuries that you want. Please, marry me or else my dad won't inherit his property to me. I know that you love me. Can't you do that much for me? For the one you loved all this time?" he asked."What? You're marrying me for the inheritance? And you knew I liked you? Since when?" I asked.I was broken apart when I heard that.Before I was mad at him, I despised myself for loving him before but now I feel like dying of shame over here.I had imagined my life beyond any imaginations with him life turned out to be worst of worst...He knew that I liked him but still he did that?He co
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Chapter 3 ~The False Encounter~
Echo’s Pov:“ You,” I said as the same lady who guided me yesterday was standing on the door with a some parcel in her hands. I couldn’t ask her name the previous day. What’s your name would be silly question to ask like a kindergarten children. So, I peeped on her badge on her chest pocket.‘Amanda’Her name was Amanda.I didn't want to ask her name again after gazing at her name card.I took the uniform and changed into it and then set off for the work.We were all called in the President's office in order to get the counselling and disciplining.I was taken together with some of the workers to his office. His comfy chair was empty.We waited for sometime but he wasn't there. We were tired of waiting but he wasn't there.The president has always been different to be as I read quite lots of novels about t
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Chapter 4 ~What's your last wish?~
Echo's POV:When I opened my eyes, the only thing I saw around me was the darkness. It felt as if I have been locked in the darkest dungeon as in the movies. I could feel coldness beneath my body. I was laid on the cold floor maybe.The darkness was giving me a fear. For some seconds I even thought that I was dead but the sounds of my own heartbeat which was scaring me to the hell assured me that I was still alive.I tried to cry out for help but then realized that my mouth was corked with some clothes. My voice wasn't able to get to people clearly.I could feel the warmth on my cheeks and I could comprehend that my tears were on their full speed in fear and anxiety.I felt that my hand was tied and even my legs. I was unable to move both my hands and legs.After sometime, I was scared even to cry. I was scared someone would just come and kill me if I make sounds.
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Chapter 5 ~The Picture Perfect Enemy~
Demonte’s Pov:Lucifer!That bastard dared to touch the most precious thing that ever belonged to me. Although, we were apart and I could never live the life that she always  wanted me to live still, I always loved her. Though she had given me the betrayal and pains to me, I couldn't stop myself from getting affected from her.That bastard really enraged me with the extreme anger that I wasn’t able to control it. The day I knew that he was the one behind the murder of Gabriella. I did each and everything to get him. I wanted that fucking bastard to kill with my own hands. I didn’t want him to even get caught by the police.When I caught him, my anger was in top notch that I didn’t even had a single thought not even for a millisecond to leave him and to set him free. So, I gave him the right punishment that he deserved. I had never left clu
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Chapter 6 ~There is no freedom here~
Echo’s Pov:My eyes flinched as the soft skin on the shutter of my eyes felt the bright illumination of the light which compelled me to twitch my brows and open my eyes towards it.As I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the blue eyes gazing at me with an evil smirk.“You're up,” the same guy said as he untied the ropes from my hands and then threw the ropes with his full energy to one of the corner of the room. I was rubbing my wrist which were now sore because of the ropes being tied on my hands for a quite a long time almost two days.Wasn't I suppose to be dead right now? Wasn't I suppose to be on heaven right now? Why am I still here? I hate being here with him?I was looking around my body when he roared.“ For your confirmation you're not dead.Do you think I would give you such an easy death? Do you really think that your last wishes would be
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Chapter 7 ~Hunger, thirst and fear~
Echo’s Pov:“There is no freedom here. The only freedom you get from here is when you have your death,” he said in a raspy voice which made me scared to death.I gulped down the lump of saliva which was formed in my throat in a really difficult manner. Fear was noticeable on my face and tension covered all of my body. My knees went shaky as he kept on increasing his steps towards me.“I…I…” I had no words to explain to him. What the hell would I explain to him?“You have no explanations?” he said as he held my wrist and flipped me on his shoulders to carry.No...not again. I kept myself on the huge problem one more time. I shouldn't have tried to run away. I really shouldn't have.“No…No… Just leave me alone. I don’t want to be here. I want to go back to my home. Just let me go,” I hit on his back as hard as I could but it was of no use. The more I hit him
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Chapter 8 ~Is she really unconscious?~
Demonte’s Pov:I loathe myself. I loathe myself for touching her unknowingly and trying to comfort her. I didn’t know the sudden change of my emotions when I saw her tears.I didn’t know what happened to me when I saw her pain. What had really happened to me?I thought they would be fake, her tears. They would be fake like the one Gabriella always showed to me but when I saw her eyes why do they felt like that they were hurting since a long time and they were innocent.The more I want to make her guilty of my Gabriella's death the more I feel her pitiful.The situation was rather confusing. What should I exactly do with her?"Fuck," I swore underneath my breath as I strode roughly in the aisle of the mansion.I came back to my comfy room and them plopped on my bed and resting both of my hands under my head, I went into the deep thoughts about her.
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Chapter 9~Make him to trust me~
Demonte’s Pov:“Hey…,” I patted in her cheeks to wake her up but she didn’t wake up. I felt the sudden coldness on my wrist which was hanging below my body nearly  touching the ground.With the sudden coldness I turned my head towards it and saw that it was her petite slender fingers which had turned red and was touching my hands.I quickly picked her hands from the ground and then sensed it.Hell!It was colder than the ice. She was freezing to death.And without even thinking anything I took out the knife  that I usually carry along with me always  and started to cut off the ropes that I had tied her before.This had happened for the first time in the history of mine. I mean I had never cut the ropes that I have tied to the person myself. It had always been their body parts that I used to cut  but never the ropes that I had tie
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