Chapter 103~Having fun with son~

Demonte's POV:

"Mom," it was Dimitri.

It's always a mom to him. The at he calls mom always sounds so innocent and truthful to me.

Though Belle never gave birth to him. Though he never shared a room in her womb, he always was so much comfortable to her like his own mother that I never got even a single hint like they don't belong to each other.

Hearing his voice from the door, she ran quickly towards the door. Her excitement could be seen in her actions. 

"Dimitri!"she ran quick enough to reach the door in son few seconds and grab him on her arms. She looked immensely happy to find him and he looked genuinely glad to get her there.

With her eyes full of tears, she hugged him for a long time and when she broke the hug she kissed him crazily all over his faces caressing him.

Honestly, I felt envious of him now. His entry was quite grand. I mean she kissed him like hundreds of time when she found him but the condition was completely

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