"I know I am stubborn, now let go of me this instance!" She exclaimed. 

Francis clicked his tongue, he didn't have much strength for her as he had other things to do, now she was distracting him from doing anything. "I will let go of you but I have to make sure you are safe first, which is why I will lock you up or tie you if I have to, whatever benefits me."

Ella scoffed, "I am not your dog! Let go of me! I don't like you anymore heartless jerk! Narcissist! Bossy man!" She lamented making Francis chuckle. She just cracked him up calling him all sort of names.

"Too bad those words only turn me on," he whispered in her ears, sending shivers down her spine. He chuckled when he saw how his words had made her speechless. "Cat caught your tongue sweetheart?" He said cockily making her snap back to reality.

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