Danger and kisses

Danger and kisses

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To know is nothing at all; to imagine is everything~ Anatole France Thibault. Who hasn't heard of the name Francis King popularly known as the Death lord of Narlands.His action spoke louder than his words and he spared no chance to his enemies. He was the king of Narlands, who was known to be ruthless. He cared for nobody and was less concern about the welfare of any until she came into his life like a proverbial thief.Ella Fitzgerald is a young beautiful girl who moved all the way to Narlands to work and earn money so as to be able to provide for herself. She had beautiful dreams and believed everything about nature.Being a maid was the last job she'd ever wish for but the income she'd get from it in Narlands was more intruiging than anything.She didn't plan to meet anyone or get involve with anyone but when she met him, Dangers were involve and so were the heart warming kisses.

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118 Chapters
Tick tock!Tick tock!Tick tock! The sound of the wall clock could be loudly heard in the dark room illuminated with neon lights. A man tied to a chair with his mouth taped, shivered in fear—he felt rather than heard the heavy footsteps of the man approaching, signifying danger. His teeth clattered, beads of sweat formed on his forehead, his heart sinking to the pit of his stomach. Two men dressed in black with matching color of hats stood beside him, gun in their hands. The man swallowed the painful lump in his throat; he had heard rumours but he refused to believe them. He made the mistake of taking up the task everyone rejected and went into the dangerous territories of Narlands.  The rumours were indeed true, the Death lord crept steadily, the silence was deafening. When his face came into view, the man's eyeballs widened in trepidation and at the same time,  astonis
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Ella creaked open the window of her friends apartment. She inhaled the fresh air of Narlands with a beaming smile.  Her eyes fluttered in awe of the magnificent view before her that looked like a picture in a painting. "Wow. This city is beautiful," she muttered to herself, inhaling the purified air. She had never thought of leaving her home town to work anywhere else but the money she was to get by taking up the job of a maid in Narlands would earn her double the amount she'd get in her home town in six months. "It's lovely, Dominique,"  Ella squealed, taking a look at the hand crafted houses opposite hers and the people loitering around. "I told you, it's one of the best kingdoms i
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The sound of a gun made the bird chirp as they flew up to the sky. From a very far distance, the sound of gun could be heard.  The Death lord stood at a far distance from the infiltrators who were all tied to a log with a rope opposite him. All the bullet been shot at the five men forehead weren't missed by the Death lord in one shoot. The Death lord smirked, his target was sure to never survive because he never misses. He heard the footsteps of his men approaching him, one of them gave him a towel to wipe sweat off of his face while he handed his hand gloves to the other man. "My Lord, we've caught some infiltrators, one from the kingdom of Darkards and the other from the kingdom  of Levine. It was a tough battle as two of our men lives were lost," One of the men explained with his head bow. "Cyprus, they lost their lives?" The Death lord asked, his voice low and calm as usual.&nbs
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Ella looked around like a lost puppy as she wondered where she was to go next in the huge Mansion. She was looking for room 63 for the first ranked people. The first ranked people were the people of higher position who worked with Death lord. She was asked to serve them lunch and she forgot the directions she was given. While she walked around the corridor, she looked around until her eyes met with someone at the opposite end of the corridor clad in white rope and black pants. For a second she was enthralled by the sight of the person before her and couldn't take her eyes off him.  The Death Lord looked at the young maid whose eyes met with his but she hadn't taken her eyes off as she was supposed to. Instead she kept looking at him and that baffled him. It was well known to the people of Narlands not to look at the eyes of the Death Lord as it could lead to your death. Everyone knew who he was
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"Death lord?" Ella asked wanting to confirm if what she heard was right. She turned to look at the Death lord in front of her.She remembered what she told him earlier; she told him his nickname was bad and had suggested he chose something better not knowing she was speaking to the man himself.Was that why he didn't say anything? She asked herself. She also thought he was deaf and dumb. Her eyes widened in realisation and she felt like collapsing that moment. She has finally come to meet her end by speaking without thinking. No one had trespass and escaped from the clutch of the Death lord without getting killed or loosing a part of their body.Cyprus grabbed Ella arms in an harsh way and she winced in pain. "You bitch! You sure don't know anything at all!" Cyprus spat out."You will surely meet your end! My Lord, what should we do with her?" Cyprus asked.Immidately Ella fel
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Once Ella got into her room, she crumbled to the floor as she curled her self, hugging her knees tightly with tears in her eyes.This was the most terrifying day of her life. She had never been in a situation before. She should have known he was of the higher class and ignored him but she was so adamant in making friends as all of the maid were giving her attitude ever since she started working in the royal mansion.She should have known that something was wrong and now she had crossed paths with the Death lord and worse of all, spoken words she shouldn't have to him.Mimi warned her, she warned her not to speak recklessly and to stay to herself alone. This was what Mimi meant and now she understood.She looked at her arms, there were red marks around them, gotten from the ropes they used to tie her to the log. Her wrist was bruised because the wicked man had kicked her so hard.She stiffl
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Ella washed the dishes while isolating herself from the others who had shown dislike for her from the first day she started work.As much as she tried not paying attention to them, she couldn't help it as their whispers could be heard and their annoying giggle."The Death lord is a snack, I am so filled now that I took a glimpse of him. He is so sexy!" One of the maids squealed with excitement laced on her tone."You know, I really want to see his eyes, I'm sure they must be adoring," The other maid said.After the incident that happened two days ago, Ella was told the do's and don't of Narlands and one of it was to never look at the eyes of the Death lord.The thought annoyed her, was he a god or what? She was told looking at his eyes was a mean of daring him to do his worse. She was also told to not be caught saying mean things about the Death lord for he was the savior
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Ella followed the rest of the maid into the dinning room. She was nervous, she was starting to find it hard to breath.Once they entered the big dinning room with a long table and over 15 chairs surrounding the table, her eyes widened. She had never seen a dinning room this big before with beautiful wallpaper beautifying the room. A chandelier was hunged at far end of the ceiling with unique decorations that were captivating to the eyes.Twitching her eyes, she looked away, gently placing the dishes on the table before the arrival of the Death lord. As soon as they were done, all the maids stood at the side of the room waiting for the Death lord arrival.After some minutes, the humongous door was opened by two guards dressed in their guard attire, then the death lord entered.Silence! Absolute silence!Nothing could be heard not even his footstep. He walked as if he was a ghost, looking at
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Ella didn't make an attempt to take her eyes off. She looked at him and for a moment she felt sad for him, he was a monster.He enjoyed killing for a living as if lives could be made so easily. There was no way she'd stay in Narlands for long, she was going to leave after getting her first pay.The Death lord walked away, with the guards following him. The maids soon rushed back to the dinning room to clear the table.Once they were back to the kitchen, they started to gossip. "Lima is gone, just like that?" Cheryl spoke baffled."That suits her, next time she wouldn't misbehave in front of the Death lord and that's if there is a next time," Naomi spat out."That's true, she is always acting as if she was one step ahead of us and giving off that arrogant vibe," Layla seconded.Ella felt disappointed in them, weren't they all gossip partner? They felt no remorse over the de
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Stella and Cheryl smirked when they saw Ella walking towards their directions, they had ulterior motives while approaching her. With a fake smile plastered on their face, they walked towards her. "Hi there Ella!" Stella greeted with a fake smile on her face. Ella was taken aback by their approach, neither of them has ever approached her before. She wondered what they wanted from her. "Hey," she replied with a force smile on her face.  "We've been looking for you for a while now. The chief of maids said to give you this curtain. She said to go change the Death lord curtain," Cheryl said. "What?!" Ella asked in shock. Going into the room of the Death lord was obviously out of her list. She
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