Chapter 1654

The receptionist looked at Louise on the phone and sneered disdainfully.

She was here to see how long Louise could pretend.

Two days ago, someone was stopped by her and that person pretended to call the company's executive.

He walked away dejectedly while calling.

She wanted to see how long Louise could act.

"You've come to the company? Go straight up."

Gu Linbei had just arrived at the office.

Before he had time to explain to her secretary, Louise...

Louise had already arrived.

"The front desk of your company won't let me in."

Louise looked at the front desk and said angrily.

The receptionist snorted and went back to her desk to make up.

"She wanted to scare me again? Do you think that you would be taken in just like that?"

Gu Linbei frowned, but the receptionist just did what she should do.

"Then I'll go down and pick you up."

Gu Linbei hung up the phone and walked out of the office.

"Why, are you still not leaving?"

Seeing that Louise had put the phone back in her b
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