Wrong Ride, Right Lover

Wrong Ride, Right Lover

By:  Rainweather  Completed
Language: English
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An accident five years ago led to her becoming pregnant with his child, forcing her to drop out of school and leave her home. She has been wandering the city like a ghost with her daughter while working as a cab driver ever since.Five years later, nothing changed, but she was a completely different person. He got into her cab, yet he was just another stranger to her.Alone in the city, with her soulmate in the same car. ‘Will I finally meet you one day after traveling around the whole city?’

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1987 Chapters
Chapter 1
“Stormchase has accepted your request.”A blue cab stopped steadily just outside a lofty and luxurious skyscraper.It was the busiest area in B City and the skyscraper belonging to Marriott International was none other than the city’s landmark. The Jane European-style building had a shiny crystal chandelier within and the wordmark “Marriott International” emitted a majestic aura with its exquisitely vivid lines and patterns. It looked like a palace under the shower of lights.Monique Xander just received a task from Stormchase. Her passenger was supposed to hop in her car there.“Hello, this is your Stormchase driver. My car is blue and my car plate number is A2219. I am already at the Marriott Tower so you can come down now.” Monique Xander smiled lightly, her gentle and clear voice like a silver bell.“Alright.” A deep and magnetic voice like a phantom came through, she felt an unnerving coldness from the other side of the call.Monique Xander shuddered.‘Such a cold voice, I’
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Chapter 2
Henry Moore opened the car door and left without a reply.His movements were effortless yet elegant.He was clearly no regular man.Henry Moore left hurriedly as he had something urgent.He had the thought that he had seen those eyes before.“Daddy!” Little Nomi sat up suddenly.Amid her daze, she saw a tall figure when her eyes were opened slightly and he seemed like a father figure in her mind.That figure stood tall and firm with natural elegance.Listening to Little Nomi’s scream and noticed the leaving figure’s jolt, Monique Xander’s heart ached a little.…Blues Bar, five years ago.“You’re awesome to get into the best university here, sister. My parents are ecstatic, especially my dad. He was so happy that he would use a megaphone to show you off to the neighbors if he could, you really made them proud.” Yvonne Xander curved her lips for a smile on her gentle face.“Yvonne, it’s too noisy in here. Let’s go home!” Monique Xander frowned. It was too noisy in the bar.
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Chapter 3
Monique Xander usually helped out in a luxurious café during the earlier parts of the day and took over a cab at a car rental center in the afternoon before picking Little Nomi up. Little Nomi would usually sit on the passenger seat and take naps if she was tired. That was how their usual days went, tiring but wholesome.Monique Xander was just about to hop into her cab when she heard someone calling her.“Miss Xander, you’re here.” The loud voice extended the word ‘Miss’ on purpose, which caused passersby to look over.It was a bald 40-year-old man known as Old Xavier.Old Xavier was the car rental center owner’s relative. He would tease her every time he saw her. Monique Xander always avoided him whenever she saw him.However, he was standing right behind her car. There was no way that she could hide this time.Since he was her boss’s relative, she did not want to offend him. Monique Xander replied chirpily, “Yeah.”“Look, you’re a young lady, getting some other jobs can earn
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Chapter 4
“Fate brought us together outside the troubled times…” Monique Xander’s phone rang when she was occupied with work.She was helping out in a luxurious café. Aunt Harriet who worked with her was having a day off so all cleaning tasks for both floors fell on her alone.She continued cleaning as she took out her old Nokia phone to accept the call. “Hello, this is Monique Xander from Mansion Coffee. Who am I speaking to?”“Monique, it’s me, your uncle.” A gentle and amiable middle-aged man’s voice came from the other end of the call, it was familiar yet distant at the same time.It was her uncle, Zephyrus Xander!Stunned, she stood there without giving a response, her body bent over slightly from the floor-mopping.Why was he calling her? It had been a long time since they last talked. Did something happen?She thought about her past that she never liked to talk about. She had kept everything to herself like hiding it at the bottom of an ocean.Monique Xander’s parents had a matril
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Chapter 5
“Grandfather?”Monique Xander’s heart ached, even more, when her grandfather was mentioned. Images were flooding in from her deepest memories and getting clearer.He had been by her side since she could remember. She only got to know about her parents through other people.Her mother, Miranda Xander was a beauty, but she was lazy and an overreacher. She intended to get married to a wealthy man but she ended up having a matrilocal marriage under her father’s match.Her mother had always looked down upon her father and they were constantly fighting. She eventually found another man.They got a divorce and her father left with all the assets following that.Her mother left the country after the divorce and never returned.Monique Xander was still young at the time. She was only two.Her grandfather had been really kind to her, so kind that she thought that it was fine to not have parents, so kind that Yvonne Xander was jealous of her.Her food and clothes were of the best quality
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Chapter 6
“How are you already giving me the cold shoulder when you’re this young?” Monique Xander could not help rolling her eyes.Even she had to admit that there were times when Little Nomi seemed smarter than her.“Aunt Winnie just moved here but she seemed really nice. I noticed from the window that she has been helping some elders carry their things upstairs. She also took care of a few stray cats downstairs,” Little Nomi explained.She did not knock on a stranger’s door by random, of course. Her instincts told her that Aunt Winnie from next door was a kind elder.Little Nomi had suffered hardships since young. Despite her quirkiness, she was very observant compared to other children.“Sit here and wait for me. We’ll go home together after my shift.” Monique carried Little Nomi to the lounge after finishing her meal.“Alright,” Little Nomi replied obediently.She looked like a little angel with her chubby cheeks, bright eyes, and soft voice.She brought some picture books over as s
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Chapter 7
“Hello, this is your Stormchase driver. My car is blue with the car plate number A2219. I am in an alley right beside RK Bar. You can come out now.”Monique Xander could only hear background noises and other people talking from the other side of the call. She ended the call when she was certain that her passenger could hear her.A drunk woman with her hair hanging loose got into her car after a short while.“Retch.” She raised her head and retched twice after she sat down. Monique took a few tissues and turned around to hand them over. She was going to advise her that a young lady should not drink so much.Her words got stuck in her throat the moment she saw the person in the backseat, her hand paused mid-air, trembling. Her fair and delicate cheeks grew even paler.It had been five years since she saw that familiar face. It was no other than her cousin, Yvonne Xander.Yvonne stared at the pretty face in front of her in shock. She even sobered up a little.The dim rays from the
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Chapter 8
“Do you have proof?” Yvonne Xander was flustered.Indeed, she was the one who drugged Monique Xander. However, she only arranged for someone to take some nude photos of Monique. Everything was already out of her hands when Monique was nowhere to be found after the photographer came.Monique was the one who went to a savage’s room. She had nothing to do with that.“I have the footage of you bringing me upstairs.” Monique could only bluff her at the time, it was impossible to have footage from such a long time ago.“I’m not telling then.” Yvonne could only stare at Monique with anger due to her threat. “You will not bring up what happened in the past. Do not blame me for what happens next if you dare to speak in front of dad!”Yvonne was finally subdued. She was worried that her father might break her limbs if he learned that she drugged Monique.“You’ve reached. Get out of my car.” Monique’s tone was cold.She was initially unsure whether it was Yvonne who drugged her five years
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Chapter 9
“We’re going to your grand-uncle’s house for a visit later. Mommy bought the bangle as a gift for your grand-aunt since it’s been a while since I last went back.” Monique Xander held Little Nomi’s chubby hand as they walked out of the jewelry store.“Grand-uncle?” Little Nomi’s huge sparkly eyes on her chubby face were filled with curiosity as she looked at Monique. She heard her mother mention him once or twice, but she never met him before.“Yes, your grand-uncle is my uncle. He took me in when I was young and treated me very well.” Monique lowered her gaze to meet Little Nomi’s as she explained with a gentle smile on her pale face.Her heart was filled with warmth when she thought of how kind her uncle was to her when she was young.Little Nomi heaved a sigh with her tiny mouth. If he really treated her well, why did he never visit? Her mother was extremely easy to please.“Grand-uncle was the one who treated you well, why are you giving the bangle to grand-aunt?” Little Nomi w
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Chapter 10
Little Nomi then noticed a few waitresses, each holding a silver tray filled with exquisite delicacies, walking in their direction.She had a feeling that they were walking to their table.Monique Xander noticed them too. Indeed, those waitresses walked up to them and stopped beside their table before unloading one tray after another onto their table.Their small table became fully loaded with various delicacies.Even the boy from the next table was amazed. He had been to this restaurant many times but his father never ordered so many desserts for him. Some of them were even exclusive ones that he had never tried before.Monique was so shocked that her mouth fell wide open. She only ordered a mango pancake and a small strawberry milkshake. She could never afford all these.“There must be a mistake, I didn’t order these,” Monique stood up instantly. “I only ordered a mango pancake and a strawberry milkshake.”A beautiful woman stood in front of them in a different uniform compare
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