Chapter 120

Henry headed straight back to work after the meal while Monique made her way back to Louise. A soft and sweet voice of a kid like a windchime was heard across the main hall.

"Mommy!! This flower is for you." Cute Angel was holding on to a red flower in her hands, which no one knew where she got that flower from, as she joyfully strode towards Monique with those short legs of hers.

Her small face was like the work of pretty craftworks with meticulous external features along with a pair of big gleaming eyes, as she put on a charming smile which made her look even more spectacular than a flower.

That pinkish face was so adorable that everybody would adore her.

Monique was down on her knees as she reached out to Angel with those skinny arms of hers and hugged Angel tightly.

"Mommy, this pretty flower is for you." Said Angel, presenting the red flower in her hands to Monique.

"Thank you, Angel, this is one pretty flower!" Monique praised as she let out a smile that was so soothing and
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