Chapter 241

A sales person walked over as she saw someone come into the store. Her expression turned terrible as she saw Monique in plain clothes.

This was a well-known and branded clothing shop. However, the dress that this lady saw was from the latest collection made by a well-known designer at the headquarters. It was expensive and not affordable by any ordinary person.

Besides this dress, other clothes were all priced at least five figures and were not affordable by the ordinary working class. The sales person said to Monique, “Miss! Our shop is a luxurious clothing store. The clothes here are all very expensive.”

Monique knew the items here were all expensive. She smiled awkwardly and said, “Let me simply look around.”

The sales person frowned and looked at her in disdain, “Stop looking at something you can’t afford. You won’t be able to compensate for them if you cause any damage to the items.”

It was not the first time someone had said that to Monique!

Even the way they mocked peopl
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