Chapter 442

“Angel?” Simon called out surprisingly.

Did Angel not come to school today? Why did she call him?

“Yes, it’s me. Uncle Simon, please help me.” Angel’s childish voice sounded very anxious.

“Angel, don’t worry. Let me know what’s going on?” Simon comforted her gently.

He felt very anxious deep down. Besides the incident that happened this morning and Monique was not reachable, Angel had now asked him for help. Did something happen to Monique?

Simon felt uneasy.

“I don’t know where mommy is. I can’t find her. Daddy won’t tell where she went,” said Angel.

“Angel, calm down. Can you tell me everything about it?” Simon guided her.

Angel grabbed her placket with her small hand. She was too anxious earlier. However, she worried that the gorgeous secretary would come in and look for her if she stayed in the washroom for too long.

“Uncle Simon, I can’t talk now. Can you look for me at Marriott International?” asked Angel.

She could not talk!

Simon felt very anxious deep down
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