Chapter 840

Song Xu was a little confused by Henry's words.

What was his reason? Was it because of him?

Seeing Song Xu's frown, Henry snorted and said, "It's not enough to say that you are stupid. Who said that you would understand?"

Song Xu was speechless.

"Mr. President, what you said is the same as whether you said it or not!"

But this time, Henry just paused for a moment, as if he had shown great mercy, and continued to say.

However, he just said a part of what Monique said.

He told him about what Monique had told him about Li Sheng, as well as about how he had bullied her that day.

"The words I said that let her to be my lover hurt her. There are so many women around me who want to get close to me. For them, no matter what they do around me, it is a very proud thing for them. Not to mention climbing into my bed, that's what they want to do. So in my consciousness, it's a kind of grace to let her be my lover. For a person of her status, it's the dream of many women to come to my side,"
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