Chapter 1456

"Beep!" Louise held her mobile phone with a trembling heart.

Every time she pouted, it was like torturing her soul.

Finally, when the phone rang for the fourth time, Louise thought that Gu Linbei would not answer the phone.

Gu Linbei answered the phone.

After drinking a lot of wine, Gu Linbei went back to his room and was about to fall asleep.

He stared at the phone number on his phone for a while.

She thought it was her illusion.

Didn't that woman say she didn't want to see him again?

Why would she call him?

However, the light on the phone was on, and the phone was vibrating.

After a while, Gu Linbei answered the phone.

Gu Linbei didn't say anything.

Louise didn't say anything either.

The two of them held their phones in a stalemate for quite a while.

It seemed that they could hear each other's breathing on the phone.

"Well, this is Louise!" Louise pursed her lips and said first.

Gu Linbei snorted and said, "Well, what's the matter?"

A low and indifferent voice sounde
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