Chapter 1706

In spite of it, Bryan and Tamara were silent. Denzel Washington of Mordu was certainly no ordinary person.

He managed to survive among the top powers, and his management of Paramount was a testament to his prowess.

“Brother Denzel!”

When Bryan saw Denzel put down the bow and arrow, he immediately stepped forward and poured a cup of hot tea for Denzel.

“I heard you went out to compete with the archery master of Island Nation. Judging from your performance just now, you must have defeated that so-called archery master, right?”

“I doubt there’s anyone in Mordu who could rival you!”

Denzel was indifferent. “Advice from others may help to overcome one’s shortcomings. Although the heritage of the Islanders isn’t as good as the great Country H’s, their killing skills had already reached the peak after a thousand years of development.”

“Although my archery opponents were true masters, I still feel that it isn’t enough.”

“It’s rumored that there is a Sword Saint in Island Nation. Hopef
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