Harvey York's Rise to Power

Harvey York's Rise to Power

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Taken in as a son-in-law, he led a miserable life. The moment he gained power, both his mother-in-law and sister-in-law kneeled down in front of him.His mother-in-law begged him, “Please don’t leave my daughter.”His sister-in-law said, “Brother-in-law, I was wrong…”

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Harvey York's Rise to Power is an urban realistic fiction. Harvey York is a live-in son-in-law who is mistreated by his wife's family. Harvey was almost a beggar when his grandmother-in-law first met him three years ago and persists that her eldest granddaughter weds him. Harvey was despised by the Zimmer family until the tables turned in his life to make his mother-in-law and sister-in-law bow down to him. After acquiring all his power, they now begged Harvey not to leave his wife. How did Harvey get his power? Read the story now to know his exhilarating tales.           

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Chapter 1
At Zimmer’s Villa in Niumhi. It was beaming with lights. That night was Senior Zimmer’s seventieth birthday party, and it was filled with numerous guests. All of his children and grandchildren presented him with gifts and said in unison, “We wish that Senior Zimmer is always blessed with good health and long life.” Senior Zimmer appeared quite rosy and energetic as he sat on his chair. He replied, “Good. All of you are indeed quite obedient. I’m very happy today, so I’ll grant each and everyone of you a wish! Just tell me what you want.” “Grandpa, I want an apartment near the ocean. It’s not expensive and it’s only over a million dollars…” “Grandpa, I want a Chanel limited edition bag…” “Grandpa, I want a BMW sports car…” “Grandpa, I want a Rolex watch…” “...” “Fine. I’ll grant every one of your wishes!” Senior Zimmer gave them his promise without any hesitation. The young children who asked for the gifts were overjoyed. They nearly kneeled down on the floor in gratitude. Lo
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Chapter 2
“It’s a message from the Yorks.” Harvey frowned slightly. The Yorks was the most influential family in South Light. At first, Harvey had been the rightful heir. But three years ago, somebody in the family wrongly accused him and claimed that he had embezzled the company’s funds. Therefore, his identity as their heir was eliminated.The entire York family had the same opinion and Harvey was disowned instantly. Furthermore, his parents were directly sent abroad and he had never met them since. “Bullsh*t! The truth is I have nothing but only twenty dollars in my pocket. The family needs financial support. What's the point of looking for me?”As he was thinking about that, he received another message on his phone. “Sir, I’m begging you now. Please help us! Didn’t you purchase some stocks of a gold mine three years ago? Recently, someone found that there’s a great amount of gold in that gold mine. Now, the stock price of that gold mine has increased tremendously!”“Now, the company’s fu
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Chapter 3
Half an hour later, Harvey reached Mandy’s company. As he was about to enter through the entrance, a bodyguard stopped him with a stun baton all of a sudden. The bodyguard said coldly, “Get lost! We don’t welcome beggars here.”Harvey had just woken up, and he did not manage to clean himself up first. Besides, he was wearing a T-shirt and a pair of shorts with patches all over them. He did seem just like a beggar by the road. However, Harvey was used to that kind of thing. He smiled and said, “Mister, I’m here to send a document to my wife.”“Do you have a wife given the way you look?” The bodyguard was suspicious. “Is it the cleaning lady—Zara or the worker who works at the back kitchen—Lily?” “My wife is Mandy,” said Harvey.The bodyguard was stunned. Soon, he broke into laughter. “I see. You’re the son-in-law of the Zimmers.” He could not cease laughing. Harvey shook his head. It never occurred to him that he was quite famous.“That’s enough. Hand me the document. Miss Zi
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Chapter 4
“An explanation? Why should I give you an explanation?” Harvey said coldly. “First, Mandy is my wife. Please stay away from her. If you want to make a scene, go someplace else!“Second, if my wife loves roses, I’ll buy them for her! She’s so gorgeous. How could such plain and cheap things suit her? I’ll send her the roses from Prague tonight itself!” “What the f*ck! Are you mentally retarded or just plain stupid? One rose from Prague costs more than a thousand dollars. I heard that you were asking for a scooter from Senior Zimmer yesterday. You’re just a good-for-nothing. Even if you sell your kidney out, you couldn’t even afford to buy one of those. Why are you so daring, putting up a show here?” Don appeared cold. He enjoyed a privileged status in York Enterprise. ‘How can a son-in-law like him talk to me like this?’ Besides, the thing which infuriated him the most was the incident in which Harvey smashed his flowers and dragged Mandy into the elevator. ‘What the hell did the
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Chapter 5
“Sir, I’ll report to the chief immediately. You…” “Don’t try to bargain with me. Otherwise, I’ll ruin the entire York Enterprise!”Before the person at the other end of the phone could speak, Harvey hung up the phone immediately.... In the Gold Coast Villa area, every villa was specifically designed by an internationally famous designer. From the type of ceramic tiles up until the type of trees, they were all chosen with great care. It was indeed not a place where one could afford to buy even though they were rich. At that moment, Harvey was sitting casually on the sofa at the balcony. Across him was the current chief of the Yorks—Yonathan York. He was Harvey’s uncle, and he was the one who asked his driver to pick Harvey up and gave him a ride to the villa just now. Looking at the carefree Harvey, Yonathan smiled and said, “Harv, we haven’t met each other for so many years now. You seem so much more handsome and energetic…” “Uncle, we don’t have to beat around the bush
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Chapter 6
“Don?”Harvey was stunned for a moment. He then smiled, ‘This guy is just a dog raised by the York Enterprise. It was only a matter of time before he got kicked out.’“Mother, I won’t get a divorce. Even if we are getting a divorce, this is none of your business. I hope you don’t interfere in our affair.” Harvey laughed and said this sentence before riding on his beloved electric bike and left.“Harvey, you’re nothing!” Lilian shuddered with anger. She had almost driven over Harvey with her car. However, she could only suppress her anger and quickly left after seeing a crowd surrounding them.…Mandy walked to the front desk of the company during after-hours.She then saw two girls laughing while saying something and many employees were watching.“Miss Zimmer’s husband is a loser. He said that he would give her roses from Prague. How dare he say that? Didn’t he look at himself in the mirror? Not to mention that he rode an electric bike, even his slippers were broken. A guy like
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Chapter 7
“You are…Harvey?”Howard Stone stared at Harvey doubtfully. He sneered for a while, parked his car, and walked straight into the hotel.Harvey felt so awkward. He did not expect Howard to ignore him when he talked to him. The two entered the private room one after the other. The classmates were all there at this time. Everyone looked over when the door opened. “Isn’t this the class monitor? The class monitor has also become a successful person too! So handsome!” Someone heckled. Indeed, Howard was wearing a suit and a pair of leather shoes, with the Audi car key hanging on his waist. He looked so handsome at this moment.Soon, someone saw Harvey who was walking in behind Howard. Although the suit did not fit him well, it was still an exquisite, high-end, and a famous brand.A classmate saw this and smiled. “Harvey, you seem to be doing well too. Come, these two main seats are reserved for you and the class monitor!”Howard glanced at Harvey and sneered. He shook his head and s
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Chapter 8
Harvey initially wanted to say something, but when he saw Howard’s behavior, he shook his head and did not say anything. Instead, he walked to Shirley’s side and said, “Shall we go together? I’m afraid there’ll be trouble later.”“This…” Shirley hesitated a bit. She did have a good relationship with Harvey during college, but obviously, Howard was the main character tonight. If she left now, would she not offend Howard?On the other hand, when Howard saw that Harvey was still there and even hooked up with the beautiful classmate—Shirley, his face darkened. He stared at him. “Harvey, it’s fine if you don’t get out. Now you still want to take our beautiful classmate with you. Who do you think you are? Are you a successful person? Don’t forget! You are a live-in son-in-law, and we feel ashamed to have a classmate like you!”“That’s right! All our classmates are doing so well. You are a disgrace!”“Hurry up and get out! Shirley, he’s a live-in son-in-law. You must not be fooled by him!
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Chapter 9
“Ah…” Howard was dumbfounded, this…“No?”“No…no…Brother Tyson, have fun and enjoy…” Howard did not dare to look at Wendy’s face at the moment after he finished speaking. Instead, he grabbed the key on the table and was about to run.“Howard! You b*stard!” Wendy was trembling with anger. She never thought a gentleman like him would be a coward. The other classmates were also cowering. All of them looked like they were afraid to get into trouble.Harvey was the only person present with a blank face, not because of anything else, but because he was the one who trained and groomed Tyson Woods secretly when he was in the Yorks.Tyson had been on the streets at a young age. He had no money and power. He was almost hacked to death on the streets several times. Once, Harvey met him and thought he might become a prominent figure, so he decided to train him.He was surprised that Tyson had grown so much in just a few years.However, Harvey did not intend to recognize him. He was no longe
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Chapter 10
The next morning, Harvey who was still bleary-eyed and with messy hair went to the most prosperous business district in Niumhi by his electric bike.York Enterprise was located in this prime location.Yonathan called him last night and said that he had already completed the handover procedures for York Enterprise. If he signed the papers today, the company would belong to him.Harvey was quite concerned about this matter. After all, he bought the company with ten billion dollars. That was why he had rushed here early in the morning without eating any breakfast.Harvey was speechless when he reached the company. No wonder it was the most prosperous area in Niumhi. There were luxury cars everywhere. He rode on his electric bike here. If he just parked his bike casually, it would probably be carried away later.He took a circle around the company and finally found a parking space at the gate. He suddenly heard a squeal of brakes as soon as he had parked his bike.Then there was a ba
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