Chapter 433

Mandy Zimmer seemed down when she walked out of the hall.

Harvey York swiftly caught up with her.

“Dear, do you feel wronged?”


Mandy sighed.

“I’m a Zimmer, no matter how indecent these people are, these trash, they are my family.”

“I just think it’s a shame. Why can’t the Zimmers just finish the Commercial Center Project properly? Why are they even thinking of going to Buckwood?”

“Once we finish the Commercial Center Project, the Zimmer family would be able to build a good foundation with the project!”

“The Zimmer family could finally be ranked among Niumhi’s first-class families with this project. Why would they be so greedy?!”

Mandy felt horrible. She had given so much effort to finish the project.

She almost could not accept the current conclusion.

But what if she couldn’t anyway?

Could she have changed anything on her own?


“If it were you, how would you change it?” Harvey said after giving some thought.

But there was something that he did not s
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