Chapter 455

Senior Zimmer knew that it was useless to entertain Harvey York at this point.

He sighed and then whispered. “Young Master Silva, I don’t know where this big shot came from? I truly want to know more about him.”

Brent Silva said hypothetically, “The Silva family also learned about this big shot through several connections. You may not believe it even if I tell you!

“It is said that he’s the true heir of the Yorks!

“He was Prince York who led the Yorks back to glory three years ago!

“However, Prince York has been on the retreat for three years.

“His powerful return this time is beyond our expectations!

“Now, many people are gearing up to meet Prince York in person!

“Speaking of which, I went to the same university as Prince York. I met him a few times. I even got his contact information!

“I must meet up with Prince York if I get the chance.

“If Prince York is willing to reach out and support you, the Zimmer family might be a first-class family.”

Brent was even more complacent
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