Chapter 3383

After seeing the stout man charging at him with a wretched look, as if he was trying to kill his opponent…

Harvey York did not hold back either.

He took a single step forward before swinging his palm forward.


The stout man felt a sharp pain when he blacked out instantly. He was immediately sent flying before he slammed onto the ground right outside the ring.

Screams in pain could be heard when his entire body was trembling.

Harvey crossed his arms while being indifferent.

Full score!

The examiner had no choice but to give Harvey a full score.

After all, Harvey managed to beat a Longmen disciple with just a single slap. It was only natural.

Kori John’s face darkened in an instant.

She did not expect that Harvey was this skillful.

Harvey completely ignored Kori and showed the beckoning sign to the people outside the ring.

His next two opponents came one after another…

But they were no match for Harvey.

Harvey defeated the next two opponents with ease.

He was given a
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