Chapter 3384

One of Kori John’s friends was unhappy that Harvey York was being indulged.

She coldly chuckled before she said, “Let’s get out of here, Kori.

“This so-called Longmen Summit seems pretty damn shady!

“Us ordinary people won’t be able to compete if someone’s trying to create God over here!”

“That’s right! How dare he act so proud about such a thing?!”

Kori’s other friend disdainfully glared at Harvey.

“He’s showing off now, but he’ll have a taste of getting slapped out of the ring when he gets to the provincial qualifier!

“We’ll know if he’s actually skilled sooner or later!

“No wonder martial artists outside the country keep making fun of us! It’s all because of people like you trying to chase all that fame!

“How shady of you!”

Kori coldly chuckled in front of Harvey before turning around and leaving.

Chasing fame?


Harvey glared at Kori coldly.

“It’s better if you don’t spout such nonsense without solid proof.

“I demand an apology.

“If not, we’ll settle our scores
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