Chapter 3397

Dahlia John managed to brush over two important figures of the John family not showing up at the mourning hall.

Frankie Garcia calmly glanced at Dahlia.

“You exaggerate things, Ms. John!

“The Bharata Business Council had been in Flutwell for so many years. Eli Burton and the others also had a conflict with the murderer before!

“That’s why we know the situation has mostly nothing to do with the John family!

“Even without what happened that night, we’d still go against Harvey York somehow.

“That said, I’ll admit that we’re at fault for what happened then.

“But since Harvey dares to kill Freddy Garcia while he’s resting in the hospital, completely disrespecting the Celestial Temple…

“Then it’s only natural for us to demand a fair statement!

“An eye for an eye!

“That’s the way the world works!”

A cold gaze was showing in Frankie’s eyes. He had been living in Flutwell for so many years. He was Joseph Bauer’s very own sworn brother. He had never endured such an embarrassing situat
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