Chapter 3403

“Enough talk!

“Close the damn door!

“Nobody leaves until we’re done with Harvey York!” exclaimed Frankie Garcia.

Soon after, the courtyard door was closed shut.

The outside world was completely isolated at that moment.

Nobody could go in and out of the place. Nobody was going to learn the truth about the situation either.

“Really? Are you going to let the dogs out now?” asked Harvey calmly.

“Do you think this door can stop me from leaving?”

“Even God won’t get you out of the situation this time!

Frankie chuckled wretchedly.

“I said so!

“The police had your back the last time, Harvey!

“I do want to see who you have behind your back this time!”

Harvey calmly raised the sword in his hand before sliding his finger across the blade with a smile.

“Who gave you the notion that I needed the police’s help last time?

“They might’ve been protecting you people instead.”

“What? Are you saying that we’re doomed here?

Frankie let out a chuckle.

“Are you even worthy?!

“Don’t be naiv
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