Chapter 3419

Bright lights and jewelry filled the entire hall, and there was a bright red carpet on the floor. It was an extravagant sight.

On both sides of the hall, bunny girls could be seen walking around to excite the guests.

A luxury car showed up, and several people in traditional clothing entered the hall. The members of Flutwell’s business alliance came in soon after.

They were all extremely prominent figures of Flutwell’s businesses; they were considered Joseph’s most trusted team.

Without them, Joseph wouldn’t be where he was.

The crowd got riled up when they saw these people enter the hall.

Those who came here from all over the northwest were filled with excitement as they waited for their turn to buy the houses.

Everyone felt that the houses here were just too cheap for their value!

As the members of the business took a picture, a beautiful host from Flutwell TV walked over and stood on the platform with a warm smile.

“It’s an important day, folks!”

“Let’s bring our biggest
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