Chapter 3420

Joseph kept his thoughts private and instead showed off his heroic and virtuous facade.

Since there was no way for him to get more benefits out of the sales, he decided to sell everything out as soon as he could instead.

Without hesitating, Joseph waved his hand and smiled at everyone.

“Everyone! Believe me when I say that the price of the land will surely increase after ten years. It wouldn’t be possible if it was a hundred and fifty thousand dollars per ten square feet, judging from the beautiful scenery!”

“It’ll be too late to buy the houses anymore when that happens!”

“In the near future, this place will become the top silk-stocking district of Country H’s northwest region!”

“This place is a symbol of your status and identity!”

“Trust me! You will become a true elite as soon as you buy property here!”

Joseph waved his hand harder; the crowd grew even more excited.

“I want one!”

“I want ten!”

“I have money to spare, anyway!”

The people in front of the crowd all belonged
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