Chapter 3423

Joseph’s face was frosty.

A hundred and fifty million was a small amount to him. It wouldn’t be hard for him to bring out that amount of money in an instant.

However, he planned to sell ten thousand houses that day…

Concepts like internet-famous spots and hype are simply that: concepts.

If Harvey actually returned the hundred houses, the idea of this place being the top district of the southwest would dissipate in an instant.

The wealthy who came here out of impulse would probably calm down and choose to wait.

If that were to happen, Joseph’s plans to sell out every single property of the new district would go up in flames.

It didn’t matter if he wanted his money back as soon as possible, or if he wanted to keep hyping up his properties…

He couldn’t allow Harvey to return the houses, no matter what.

Joseph was beginning to regret his decision.

If he knew Harvey was this troublesome to deal with, he wouldn’t have coerced the Indians to go against Harvey in the first place.

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