Chapter 3434


“Are you alright?!”

“My baby girl!”

A middle-aged woman in traditional clothing arrived on the scene with several companions.

She approached Larisa anxiously, before throwing a large fit.

Senior Miller immediately stood up and bowed in front of the woman, calling her Mrs. Lee.

Xynthia wasn’t from Flutwell, so she didn’t know who Mrs. Lee was.

The university students began to mumble to each other.

“That’s Larisa’s mother!”

“I heard she’s from Flutwell’s business alliance! She’s involved with the development of Flutwell’s new district! She’s filthy rich!”

“Her father’s even better! I think he’s a prominent figure from Longmen!”

“Her family’s so rich! Larisa said she was going to pay for the Script Murder, but who knew that this would happen?”

The students were showing admiration; Larisa’s family was simply too extraordinary. She wouldn’t need to ask for a single thing her entire life; she already had everything.

The students were born in normal families. Even some
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