Chapter 3438

“That’s bullsh*t!” a student could not help but exclaim.

“Xynthia Zimmer’s a victim as well, but Mrs. Lee had to lash out at her since she couldn’t do it to anyone else!”

Then, the students explained the entire situation…

Including the fact that Mrs. Lee was about to take naked pictures of Xynthia.

The students did not know who Harvey York was, but they believed he would surely keep Xynthia safe after seeing the rage written on his face.

Harvey gradually calmed himself down after hearing the students’ explanation.

“Don’t you know who Mrs. Lee is? How dare you criticize her like this?

The woman glared at the righteous student with a cold gaze.

“Do you want to die or something?!

“If I tell Mrs. Lee about this, she’ll rip off all of your clothes too!”

The others were coldly chuckling while looking at the students.

They were excited to see what they could get out of the situation if the students were also stripped clean.

The students frantically twitched their eyes before runni
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