Chapter 3441


Senior Miller shuddered in anger after hearing Vivian Hall’s words. Even his hand was trembling incessantly when he pointed at her.

Harvey York wiped his hand with some tissue and said calmly, “Alright, enough nonsense.

“How will you give me a fair statement about Xynthia Zimmer?”

“Why the f*ck should I do that in the first place?!” howled Senior Miller while covering his face.

“She shot Larisa Lee! She has to pay!

“So what if Mrs. Lee beat her up?! She did it out of love!

“This has nothing to do with me!

“Let me tell you something, you b*stard!

“You’re not the only one with support in the police force!

“You’re all dead if I make a call there!”

Naturally, Senior Miller was still an egotistical man, despite being slapped around many times in front of everyone.

He would not forgive himself if he did not restore his dignity.

“Is that so? How impressive.

Harvey crossed his legs while sitting on the couch.

“Then, call anyone. I’ll give you half an hour.

“I do want to
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