Chapter 723

Harvey York immediately chuckled.

“Elder Xavier, you’re joking!

“Your granddaughter is helping me take care of things in my company!

“But she and I are just good friends!

“There is nothing more than that.

“Besides, I already have a wife.

“She’s really great, I love her.”

“Is that so?”

Sheldon Xavier was hugging his arms.

“Then, have you been thinking about divorcing her recently?”

Harvey said calmly, “I owe too much to my wife for the past three years. I’ve already sworn to take good care of her my whole life!

“To make up for what I owe!

“To give her a brighter future!

“I’ll make her the happiest woman alive!”

“Good, very good!”

Sheldon laughed.

He immediately turned around and left after he was done talking. He neither spoke to Melissa Leo from beginning till the end, nor did he even bat an eye at John Gotti.

It was as if he came specifically just to interrogate Harvey, and had gotten an answer that he wanted to know.


The first-in-command of South Light came al
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