Chapter 1057

At the Yateses’ residence.

Jacob dropped by for a visit, bringing hefty gifts with him. His face bore a horrid expression. “Sir Yates, is South Light’s business climate already this bad?”

“People could go on and cripple their competitor’s child just to win a negotiation?”

At this, Keith Yates’s expression changed. “Who’s acting so presumptuously?!”

“South Light’s business climate has always been fair and square! Whoever’s causing a ruckus like that is only making life difficult for themselves!”

“Didn’t you tell your opponent that I’m the one supporting you behind the scenes?”

Jacob sighed and replied, “Sir Yates, perhaps your influence isn’t so great after all.”

“My son Mason already brought up your name, but someone still had the audacity to break his ribs. He’s in the hospital right now, barely hanging on!”


Keith stood up furiously, his expression horrible.

Because of the previous incident, the connections that belonged to the Yateses had decreased by thirty perce
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