CHAPTER FIVE ‘Jade's boyfriend’

Sade Johnson called me three times and I let it ring. I'd given her too many freedom to access me that was why she was taking advantage of my leniency calling me whenever she deemed fit.

I received another phone call, this time it was from Jade's boyfriend. Damnit! The picture I posted with Jade yesterday must have made him call me.

I decided to pick up to hear what he had to say.

"Ola Hi! This is James, Jade's boyfriend- well, ex-boyfriend" he stuttered. I rolled my eyes at his response.

“Yeah I know, what do you want?” I asked cutting to the chase.

"W-wait you have my phone number?!" He said, a little taken aback.

He cleared his throat and said, "I-i mean yeah, I need to talk to Jade” he stuttered.

“Then call her” I say nonchalantly.

“You know she blocked me everywhere and I can't even go to her house” He yelled, almost desperately.

“Look, Jade loves you so much. Just yesterday she told me she misses you and you're a thief 'cause you stole her heart and some sort of nonesense” I say getting myself an apple to eat.

“Wait Jade told you? I thought she couldn't hear a thing” he said making me groan in annoyance.

“Well, she wrote it” I took a bite of my apple.

“And she also wrote that she loved you” I said with a mouth full of apple, I was trying to lift his spirit but the idiot sounded depressed.

“Yeah, that”

“Look I'll talk some sense into Jade, but first promise me you'll take care of her and won't make fun of her deafness. Oh and talk her into doing ear surgery so she can hear again. It's pretty exhausting writing on a book to talk to her. Just yesterday I wrote on a full 40 pages note!”

James chuckled, “Sure I will, just get her to talk to me” 

I ended the call and immediately sent a text to Jade.

'Unblock James already and see what he has to say, it's really important. He just called me and said a bunch of depressful things. He didn't seem okay'

She replied almost immediately.

'Thank God! I thought something bad happened to you when you passed out last night. Are you alright now? You kept murmuring Phillip even in your passed out state'

Now that was embarrassing.

'I'm okay now Jade thanks for your concern but did you read my first text at all?'

'Umm.. okay but I'm only doing it because he called you'

'Yeah tell me how it goes later'

I sighed and laid on the couch. I hoped everything would turn out great between Jade and James.

My phone buzzed signaling I had a text. This time it was from Sade Johnson. It reads:

'Are you alright dear? I saw the news and it wasn't pretty at all. I hope you do reach out to me soon. Sade Johnson.'

Sade Johnson was asking about me. This was surprising. But what news was she talking about.

I quickly went on Google and searched for my name. There were a lot of stories about yesterday's party.

I clicked on the most eye catching.

'Ola Smith having a mental breakdown at her company's party because of her ex-boyfriend, Phillip Folorunsho?'

The beautiful model and managing director of OLAD company spotted unconscious but muttering a name called 'Phillip' which is the name of her ex-boyfriend. Could it be because of him she's having a mental breakdown?

Watch video below

I clicked on the video and it looked really bad. I can't believe I did that! I felt embarrassed, millions of people already watched that!

Even Phillip will think of me as desperate. I quickly blocked his number, then deleted it from my phone. I had to move on from this.

And what do I tell my followers? Those teenage girls looking up to me. I have to cook up some motivational stuff, as usual.

But I'll worry about that later. For now I have to think, clear my head but this time, without drinking.

I should go out but not like this. I had to hide from the media eyes.

I washed the makeup off my face and put on a blonde short wig and sun shade. I changed into a short shorts and white T-shirt with plain slippers.

I left my phone at home and only grabbed my wallet. I wanted to be alone for now without any depressing phone calls.

No I didn't use my car, I just walked through the less busy roads of Abuja.

Somehow I found myself at the park. I bought myself two doughnuts and a huge bowl of vanilla ice cream. Vanilla was my favorite ice cream flavour.

I missed this. I missed eating in public without anyone staring at me. I missed being a nobody, who could live her life the way she pleased but now I couldn't even go out without a disguise.

After eating, I went to a gallery. I loved looking at arts, images, they inspire me.

I was about to go in but I was stopped by the securities. I couldn't go in because I wasn't invited. But I knew so well that it was because I didn't look important or wealthy. Exactly how this part of the world works.

“Wait a moment, miss” someone interrupted. It was a tall, cute man with small eyes.

“-A-are you talking to me?” I stuttered. The way he was looking at me, I feared he would recognize me.

“Yes. Would you like to come with me to the gallery? You seemed really interested in it earlier” he said with a shy smile.

“Yeah,” I nodded, “But the security won't let me in” I said while he just stared at me “B-but it's okay! I'll find somewhere else to go” I stuttered.

“Come” he said urging me to move closer to him but I stood stiff, not sure if I should. I mean he was a stranger so..

Before I could finish that thought, he grabbed my wrist and pulled me along side him, inside the gallery and the security didn't even object. Oh wow. 

Who was this guy?

“Who are you?” I asked and he stared at me weirdly making me feel stupid.

I shouldn't have asked that kind of question out of the blue. 

“Erm- I'm sorry, I'm not usually like this..” I trailed off feeling uncomfortable under his gaze. I guess I was just too tired.

“No I love that question” he suddenly said making my eyes widen.

“You do?” I asked, surprised that he was not yet creeped out but my weirdness.

“Yes. My name is Romeo and you?” He asked.

"J-juliet" I stuttered.

Shit shit shit! He was obviously not going to buy that.

But I couldn't possibly tell him my real name! Ugh! Ola think!

He smiled and I couldn't help but smile as well. His smile was pretty. I liked it.

“You're a fan of Romeo and Juliet romance?” He asked and I nodded but shook my head when I realized I was accidentally hitting on him.

I barely realized this sometimes..

“I mean yes! But the dying because of their love for each other annoys me. And the fact that you're Romeo reminds me of the movie. My name is Rose by the way” I smoothly said. But felt kinda guilty lying to this guy who had only been nice to me so far.

Romeo nodded and pointed to a photo of a woman smiling.

“Cool” I comment, even though I didn't see anything extraordinary about the photo.

“What do you see?” He asked and i immediately answered.

“The picture of a woman smiling”

“Are you sure?” he asked putting an arm around my shoulder and pointing to the picture.

“Yes Romeo, it's a woman, smiling” I whispered lowly as I felt the heat of Romeo's hand spread to my insides.

“She might be smiling but she definitely doesn't look happy, does she?” He asked, snapping me out of my bad feelings. I stared at the picture closely and noticed the smile that held sadness and pain. I inhaled deeply. That woman was me.

I turned around to look at Romeo who was staring at another portrait.

"Romeo?" I asked in curiosity.

"Yes Rose?" The way he said my fake name was amazing. I would've loved to hear him say 'Ola'. That voice would've turned me on, anytime.

“Are you a painter or a photographer?” I asked.

“Both” he answered whilst putting on round eye glasses. Oh! He sometimes need glasses. He looked quite cute with glasses.

“What do you do for a living?” He asked and I had to think of something for a sec.

“I'm erm a wig seller! I sell sun shades too” I said and he nodded.

“Explains your look” he said and I nodded.

“What about you?” I asked, not wanting to talk about me. I couldn't possibly let that slip.

“I'm a lecturer” he said and I grinned sheepishly.

“Explains the glasses” he shook his head at me but I could still see the small smile forming on his cheeks.

“How old are you?” I asked and he raised an eyebrow at me.

“Why do you want to know?”

“U-uh you look way too young to be a lecturer” I honestly said.

“I'm 28” I was 23, so he was five years older than me.

“Omg you're so old” I said feigning disgust and he smirked. “Not too old for those into me” he winked and I rolled my eyes at that.

I look at the second painting, it was of the reflection of the sky. Boring.

“In every boring things, there's always a multitude of fun. Don't you think?” He asked but I shrugged.

“Nah I don't think so”

“What's the time?”  I asked as i suddenly became aware of how dark the weather had become.

“6:45pm. It's getting late, should I drop you off? I mean- you're pretty young, I wouldn't mind dropping you off so my peace of mind” He said.

I didn't want to grow feelings for this nice guy so I decided it was best to end the night here. Why bother getting attracted to someone you're not even going to meet again?

This was how infatuation starts, and I was going to end it before it even began. I was not going to make the same mistake I did with Phillip.

I was about to leave when he stopped me.

“Can I have your phone number so I can call you to at least know if you arrived home safely?”

Wait was he for real? He barely knew me and he was already this kind to me? I couldn't take it anymore, I ran away from the gallery untill I felt alone.

Then i strolled back home and rushed to my room. Thankfully mom wasn't home to ask me questions about where I went. So I just undressed, took a warm shower and ate dinner.

I wished the night with Romeo didn't end like that but I knew it had to be done. And besides it wasn't like we would be connected in any way in future so I guessed this was for the better.

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