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Ola, a psychotic girl hiding under a innocent's girl dress meets and falls in love with Romeo, a nerdy university lecturer with round glasses and an office bag that are always slanty on his broad shoulders.At first glance, Ola falls in love with Romeo but it seems a spark couldn't form between the two because Romeo likes the usual simple girls without secrets and Ola's personality did not count as simple.

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30 Chapters
                    I walked down the street in content as there were no reporters waiting to attack me with questions. I honestly could not deal with them right now.It sucked to be followed around because I was a successful model and also the managing director of the best skincare product company but it definitely didn't suck to receive credit alerts for being beautiful, popular and all.I arrived at the event where the best business men and women would be awarded tonight. This event had been trending for two weeks on the internet and now, it was finally here and I was really looking forward to it.“Ola Smith i knew you'd come, I was talking to your mother earlier and I asked about you” Kemi Abikoye, one of my mom's acquaintances approached me with a wide smile on her face.She had always been this cheerful a
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CHAPTER TWO ‘Tomorrow’
                I stared at the tv with shaky hands and bloodshot eyes. My ex-boyfriend, Philip Folorunsho was getting married to a popular reporter of BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)I was broken hearted, we broke up three months ago and now he was getting married? What the hell! I knew he cheated on me severally but I didn't expect him to move on.. so quickly.I turned off the tv and went to the cabinet where the drinks were normally stored. I grabbed a bottle of vodka and drank from it directly ignoring the stinging sensation in my throat.Hot tears rolled down my cheeks and I choked on my own saliva as I cussed Phillip.“I hate you Philip Folorunsho!" That idiot had taken advantage of the love I had for him, he used me to gain popularity and make more money and I hated him so much for that.
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CHAPTER THREE ‘Received award’
Today was Friday which meant: less work, more fun!“Miss Ola, congratulations on the award you and your mom received yesterday I knew you both could do it!” Michael, one of my colleagues said immediately I stepped into the company.I passed by Michael with him hotly on my trail, “It's our award, we all worked for it and got it but you know you guys had to cover for us and attend those meetings that's why we couldn't bring you guys along” I say and he shrugged, uncaringly.“Don't stress yourself honey, as long as I keep getting my bonuses I'm good” he said and I laughed. I totally understood his point though.“I'll see you later” I said after getting some warm water. Micheal seemed confused, “Wait where are you going?" He asked and I gave him a look.“My office, to work, as usual” I utte
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“I know. You're pretty popular around here” he said with slight hint of irritation in his tone before continuing, “What bothers me is why you're on my property” he said going straight to the point.I pulled my hands back and sighed.Oh he was not an easy one. I chuckled internally at the realization and lifted my chin up.  “I was just passing by-” i wanted to move my hand around the man's chest seductively but with his mood and temperament, he would definitely embarass me so i gave up and walked confidently to my car.Then i banged my head on the wheel calmly. That was definitely not what i expected, Sade didn't tell me Daniel owned that place either.I sighed deeply to calm my nerve. What i needed right now was a drink.Immediately i drove home, i grabbed a green bottle from the cabinet and started gulping it, only noticing a
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CHAPTER FIVE ‘Jade's boyfriend’
Sade Johnson called me three times and I let it ring. I'd given her too many freedom to access me that was why she was taking advantage of my leniency calling me whenever she deemed fit.I received another phone call, this time it was from Jade's boyfriend. Damnit! The picture I posted with Jade yesterday must have made him call me.I decided to pick up to hear what he had to say."Ola Hi! This is James, Jade's boyfriend- well, ex-boyfriend" he stuttered. I rolled my eyes at his response.“Yeah I know, what do you want?” I asked cutting to the chase."W-wait you have my phone number?!" He said, a little taken aback.He cleared his throat and said, "I-i mean yeah, I need to talk to Jade” he stuttered.“Then call her” I say nonchalantly.“You know she blocked me everywhere and I can't even go to her house” He yelled, almost desperately.
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CHAPTER SIX ‘Foolish gallery’
When I woke up, I checked my phone and saw that I had a magazine photoshoot tommorow 12 noon. I would have to take a break from work then.And also four text messages from Jade.'Heyy James and I made up, thanks for making me agree to see him again''I hope you find love too someday''Heyyy James has been the greatest boyfriend so far. I can't believe I stayed this long without him''We're going on a date later today!'Well I was happy for her and I decided it was time for me to tell her parents where she lived. Her boyfriend wasn't enough for her.I called her Jade's mom, she picked up almost immediately.“Hello?” “Hello Ma'am this is Ola Smith, Jade's friend” I said while heading to my bathroom.
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On monday morning, I headed to the company. I hurriedly did the work I could because I had a photoshoot at Adanna beach 12pm and I didn't want to be late so when it was 11:30am, I left.Thank God I already wore the bikini beneath my clothes. Otherwise I would have to strip completely there and it would get uncomfortable real quick.I got a text from the driver. 'I'm here for you'It was part of the contract, for the driver to take me to the location for security purposes.I headed downstairs and spotted the limousine waiting for me. A security guard immediately opened the passenger's seat for me once he spotted me.I walked in majestically and thanked him as he closed the door carefully."Hi!" I say to the driver who only grunted as response. We arrived at the beach shortly after and I was immediately bombarded by m
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It had been a week since Lola and I became closer. After that conversation.We went out together and rumours of us being friends were buzzing around the internet.It was such a shame that Lola would be heartbroken in a few months and I wouldn't even be able to console her. I didn't know she was this easy to manipulate. Why would she think I would want to be friends with her despite what her useless father did to my mom.I didn't tell mom about my plan because she wouldn't understand. I knew I wouldn't be able to hide it for long but I was ready to face the consequences later.Meanwhile, Jade reunited with her boyfriend and family and she decided to book an appointment to fix her ear next week Wednesday.I was really happy for her, her life was getting back on track.Whilst scrolling through my phone in my room, I heard glasses shatter everywhere. The noise seemed to be coming from mom's room.Inst
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I sneaked into my house quickly and was about to get past the living room when the lights suddenly went on. Mom. I exhaled.“Where were you?” She asked seriously as she cut the apple into two with the knife in her hand.It hurt to admit but I was scared of the way she was holding the knife. What if she snaps again and..Flashback*I just got back from highschool and was really hungry. Thankfully, the nanny already prepared my favorite fried plantain and scrambled eggs. Then I remembered hearing sobs and glasses shattering in Mom's room."Mummy?!" I asked running straight to her room only to find her cutting her wrist with a knife."Mummy what are you doing stop! Why are you hurting yourself?" I asked tears in my eyes. But before I could blink she pushed me against the wall and pointed the knife aga
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After Jadesola reunited with her family and boyfriend, she did her ear surgery and it was successful.That was the last time I heard of her.Pictures of her with old friends and her boyfriend were all over Instagram.I simply smiled, those people didn't even check on her when she was down and now she was okay again, they were all over her.I sighed and decided to do some shopping.Thank God mom wasn't home, I didn't want to deal with her after yesterday.I grabbed my car keys and headed out.Then all of a sudden I felt light-headed so I leaned against my car for support and when I felt well, I got in.I started my car and hit the road.I decided to go to the most expensive store not far from here. I passed by the Gallery.. I quickly remembered what happened with Romeo.Flashback*
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