CHAPTER SIX ‘Foolish gallery’

When I woke up, I checked my phone and saw that I had a magazine photoshoot tommorow 12 noon. I would have to take a break from work then.

And also four text messages from Jade.

'Heyy James and I made up, thanks for making me agree to see him again'

'I hope you find love too someday'

'Heyyy James has been the greatest boyfriend so far. I can't believe I stayed this long without him'

'We're going on a date later today!'

Well I was happy for her and I decided it was time for me to tell her parents where she lived. Her boyfriend wasn't enough for her.

I called her Jade's mom, she picked up almost immediately.


“Hello Ma'am this is Ola Smith, Jade's friend” I said while heading to my bathroom.

“Oh! How are you there? I saw you on the news hope you're okay now” I rolled my eyes at that.

“Yes, I am thanks for your concern, uh I have news about Jade!” I chirped in and I could hear her Jade's mom call her husband in the background.

“I know where she's living, I'll text you the address right now” I said before ending the call so I could quickly text her Jade's house address.

Sunday was Kemi off day, so mom and i had the house to ourselves.

I went downstairs to the kitchen only to see a plate of pancakes. In front of it was a letter.

Dear I won't be home until later today, I'm hanging out with my friends.Mom.

She had been coming home late recently but I didn't blame her, she needed time to relax and have fun.

I grab a bottle of milk from the fridge and poured some in my cup. Then I ate my food quietly.

I couldn't help but think about Phillip. Did he even miss me? Did he ever like me?

I sighed as i finished my food, I needed to stop thinking about him!

After eating I washed my used plates  and cup before deciding to reply Sade Johnson's text.

'Thanks for your concern I'm okay now'

After a few minutes I received a call from her. I picked it up this time.

“Let's meet over drinks?” She asked and I shook my head. I wouldn't drink like an idiot anymore for no reason. Drinking had cost me a lot.

“Coffee and snacks. Bill's on you” I said.

“Let's meet at Iya Yusuf coffee place then” she said.

“What time?” I asked.

“Thirty minutes, see you there” with that she ended the call.

When I got to Iya Yusuf coffee place. I was impressed. It didn't look crowdy.. maybe because today was Sunday, some people were at their place of worship.

I walked in and was greeted by the security. I ignored his greetings and looked around for Sade Johnson.

There she was dressed in green sitting on a lonely table by the corner of the room.

I walked over and sat in front of her.

“Hello Sade” I said.

“Hi Ola, you look better than what I saw at the internet few days ago” she said with a smile.

“Why are we here Sade?” I asked cutting to the chase.

“You've succeeded in capturing my son's attention” she said and I looked at her. Not quite understanding what she meant.

“When you were having a mental breakdown because of.. erm.. what's the name of that boy? Titus?-”

Titus? That was not even close.

“-His name is Phillip, and I wasn't having a mental breakdown, I was only drunk!” I interrupted in annoyance.

She definitely knew his name, she only wanted to tick me off. But why?

Then it hit me, she knew I wasn't over him yet despite my faking it. As much as I hated to admit it, I needed help getting over Phillip completely.. I was trying but nothing seemed to be working.

“Have you forgotten that I'm a psychologist?” She asked and I rolled my eyes at that. She thinks she's a psychologist because she read a few books about psychology. Lame.

“As long as you don't have evidence to back up your claim, it's useless and invalid” I said and she smiled but didn't say anything for a while and when she did, she asked me what snacks I wanted.

“An hotdog and I like my coffee black, no sugar” I said and she stared at me half-heartedly.

“I know”

She called the waiter to take our orders before we started  talking again.

“What are your plans to ruin Daniel's relationship? You're not doing the job like I expected you to” She said, somewhat annoyed.

“Keep your voice down Sade” I warned before continuing “My plan is to befriend Lola, then take advantage of her friendship to get close to Daniel”

Sade looked shock for a moment.

“That's not possible, Lola is a bitch!” Sade says.

"So am I" I replied while flipping my hair backwards. I knew just the thing.

Sade looked impressed now. “Ola Smith, I can never figure you out but I trust you on this one” she said hapilly.

The waiter came with our order so we clicked our cups together and ate.

Halfway through the meal, I decided to go home. I wanted to sit somewhere nice and watch a movie.

"I have an appointment Sade, I have to go now" I lied whilst standing up from the table. I didn't even finish my hotdog.

“Sure thanks for agreeing to meet up, I know you're a very busy person” She said.

Well I was a busy person, but not all the time.

"Of course" I say walking out the door. I hear the security guard greet me but I didn't respond. There are certain greetings people shouldn't attend to, or at least that's what my manager tells me.

I shouldn't be too nice, I shouldn't let myself be free to everyone, I should try to give savage responses at times and try to be funny, hot, seductive.

Well my manager teaches me a lot and I'm trying to follow it 'cause it helps me get good deals when modeling. Even in business.

While driving I couldn't help but notice the gallery where I met Romeo yesterday. I don't know.. he seem like a really good guy and I shouldn't have run away like that.

I couldn't help but feel attracted to the gallery, let me see what Portrait I can find today and maybe I'll see him..

I sighed. I shouldn't associate with him.. Wait it's not like I'm going to talk to him, I'll just look at him if he's there or just mind my business and look at the Portraits.

I felt like a stalker. I met the guy only once and I'm already like this!

I ignored my thoughts and got out of my car. I got to the door and the security rushed over to help me open it.

Hypocrite! Last night he didn't let me but not he's even opening the doors for me.

"Welcome ma'am to our Gallery" he says. I had to say something savage.

"Your Gallery?" I laughed "Last time I checked you're just an ordinary security guard here. Don't ever make the mistake of including yourself as one of the owners of this gallery you mutt!" I say.

"I-I'm sorry ma'am" he says shivering in fear. I push past the man and walk into the gallery.

I instantly felt guilty, I'd overdone it. Again. I do hope he forgives me.

I know he didn't let me in last night but I shouldn't have blown things out of proportion.

"Hello ma'am, I'm sorry about the security guard mistakes" A man says approaching me. He looked familiar.

"It's okay, who are you by the way?" I ask staring at a particular eye-catching painting. It was beautiful.

Instantly I knew I wanted it.

"I'm Joel Richard one of the managers here"

"How much for that painting?" I asked in excitement.

"It doesn't work like that ma'am you'll have to be at the auction, where the highest bidder gets the painting" he says.

"I'll pay 500,000 naira for the painting" I say and his eyes widened in surprise.

"I'm sorry ma'am but it's against our policy, even your mother buys from here through the auctioning" he says.

Time for bad bitch Ola in action.

"I'll give you One million then"

"I'm sorry ma'am" he says and I was pissed.

"Five million, my last offer. I want this painting now" I boomed seeing red already.

"I'm really sorry ma'am" he says. How dare he deny me this painting for five million naira, that's a lot of money!

"With all due respect ma'am, we can't sell this painting until the auctioning which takes place next week Friday, if you can't wait until then I suggest you leave. You're constituting nuisance here" a familiar voice says across from me.

I looked over and was shocked when I saw that it was Romeo. Just the guy I came here for.

Unfortunately he doesn't seem to like me very much. I was confused. What is he doing here? He told me he paints and take photos but he has to be among the coordinators here to give me such order.

The way he was looking at me, I could tell he recognized me. Well if he hates me, I hate him too


"-I will not tolerate such insult from your mouth you trash bag! I'm Ola Smith, no one disrespects me. All I wanted is this painting for five million naira ahead of the auction but since you won't let me have it.." I trailed off before grabbing the moving the portrait off the wall. I slammed it onto the ground and watch it break.

"You lose! No painting and no five million naira that'll teach you to mess with me" I say in annoyance but I felt a tug on my heart when I did it.

"Security!" He yelled in anger. I could almost see the steam coming out of his ears.

"Don't bother, I'm leaving" with that I was off.

Foolish Gallery!

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