OLA SMITH

I woke up only to hear a loud knock repeatedly on my door.

Who could it be this early morning?

I went to the living room and checked through the little hole in my door. It was mom.

My blood ran cold immediately. What am I going to do now? I shook in fear and this time, she was not alone. Lola was with her.

And she was calling me all sorts of names.

I quickly remembered Romeo's hoodie. I forgot to give him back and he didn't even ask.

I know if mom see my blonde hair, she would assume the worst and Romeo wouldn't be safe.

I rushed to my room and grabbed it from my cupboard, I put the hoodie on and went back to the living room.

I open the door and Mom and Lola pushed past me inside.

"I'm ashamed to be called your mother, you slut" Mom yelled pushing me on the couch.


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