Leather Belt.

He presses his chest on her back and wraps his arms around her waist, as he starts unbuttoning the jeans, she tries to hold onto something to hold herself up as her legs are turning into jelly. She can feel his warm breathe on her neck, as he harshly pulls down her jeans along with her panty. She breath hitches feeling him caresses butt her cheeks with one of his large hands, she swallows down thickly trying to calm herself down. "Ahh!!" She screams out when he harshly squeezes them. "Tell me doll who did you spend your time with, who did you let be around you when I wasn't there?! Who did you let abuse you other than me?! Don't you know I own you? Don't you know you are mine?" He growls in her ear and bites down on her ear shell while pulling on her hair hard. "N—no one! I was with no one. Yes I know I am yours, only yours!" She chokes out in her own breath feeling him pull on her hair harder. "No one! Then who left these fresh marks on you?!" He asks and pulls on her hair harder, ripping some off in the process. She tightens her grip on the wooden pillar that she was holding on for dear life trying her best to stop her tears. "No one did apart from you." She says crying out loud. "Lie." He says and hits her right butt cheek with his belt.

"Ahh!" She screams out arching her back in pain. As much as she hate to say this, but the strike sends a direct rush of pleasure to her core. "I know you like it when I treat you like this, when I abuse you like a ragdoll." He says and hits the same cheek again making her groan in pain. Her scalp starts burning up, her body is burning, and the temperature has started to rise. Sweat starts coming out of her body, it feels like someone has lit her body up. The hoodie on her upper body is not helping either, she just wants it off of her and she can’t handle it anymore. “Off! Take it off!” She screams squeezing her eyes shut. “Are you ordering me doll?” He lets her hair go and walks in front of her with one of his eyebrows arched. “No! No! Daddy please take my hoodie off, I can’t handle the heat, please.” She begs him. Begging always works, he loves it when she begs him. An evil smirk appears on her face and he walks towards her and grabs her by the hoodie’s neck. Without any word he rips it in half and harshly pulls it off her body, leaving her in nothing but her underwear and bra. Alex bites his lips staring at the sight in front of him and feels all the blood rush to his hardness. He walks behind her and picks up his belt again and continues hitting her butt cheeks, abusing them until she begs him to stop. Even though her body is going through immense pain, a part of her likes the pain so much. The abuse she faced from a young age has messed her up so bad that her brain doesn't understand how bad of a situation she is in. 

 He stops after who knows how many strikes, her body as completely given up on her, she tries to breathe with difficulty, leaning her whole body on the pillar. The pain is so excruciating, and it hurts more as she knows there's a satisfactory grin on his face. He comes in front of her, after stripping the black formal shirt and the black formal pants he had on. Alex takes off the tie that was tied around her torso and pushes her down on her knees. She looks up at him with tears in her eyes; he looks down at her with a playful smirk on his face. She slowly looks down at the floor silently as he pulls me somewhere. He pulls her up and throws her on the bed; she falls on it with a loud thud and keeps on laying there. “Get up.” He orders. 

She slowly gets up and sits on her knees silently ready for whatever is coming next. Alex walks to her and holds her face in his hand and makes her look up at him. “Who owns you?” He asks. “You.” She answers without hesitation. “Remember that doll, always remember that.” He lets her face go and pushes her on the mattress and gets on top of her and presses her body against it with his.

"You don’t want to see my worst side do you?" He leans closer her face gritting his teeth. She stares at the ceiling and feels her tears fall from her eyes. He starts kissing and nibbling on her jaw really harshly. Every time he touches her it feels like he wants to hurt her. "Please it hurts." She sobs looking at him. He doesn't pay attention to her and keeps on sucking on her skin making shades of pink bloom on it. She suddenly starts feeling really ashamed of herself, she wants to get out of here she can’t take it anymore. She starts crying more trying to push him off her but he grabs both her wrists really hard and pins them up on the mattress above her head. "Rosie don’t piss me off! It won’t be good for you I’m telling you!" He tilts his head and clenches his jaw, glaring daggers at her. "Why do you hate me so much? When you touch me it feels like you want to hurt me. It's not even just sex for you it's like you want to hurt me and I don't like to feel that way. Please it hurts when you are this way with me, it really hurts. I want to feel loved by you please love me!" She looks up at him sobbing louder. He lets her go and pulls her off the bed and slaps her harshly making her fall on the floor. She holds her cheek and stares at the floor silently feeling blood in her mouth. Alex runs his fingers through his locks and walks to the bar area in the suite to cool off a little.

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