A small girl maybe 3 or 4 years old chased behind the flying butterfly very eager to catch the butterfly in her hand but it fled away in front of her eyes. She got frustrated but the feeling poured down through her cheeks in the form of tears.

She went home with teary eyes and when her mom asked what happened she explained everything as to how the butterfly flew away.

Her mom smiled looking at the innocent child and said, "She is gonna kill that butterfly for being rude towards her precious daughter."

The little kid threw her mom an innocent look and said, "I don't want the butterfly to get killed. I like it, mo

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Longan Cho
Beautiful story
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Wow!! Amazing book! True love won out in the end. I love how Karl changed for the good. But Tammy...never would have guessed!!! True back stabber and she let him go. Shelia is amazing!!
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