For Her

For Her

By:  AnishaxAhsinashi  Completed
Language: English
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Usually, they say don't mess with the seniors especially when he held the whole authority of your life. For you, life is a fairy tale until you start college. And once you start your college life, your dreamland would have to come to end or else someone would put end cards by force. College is where friends turned out to be complete strangers and outsiders become friends. New life, new attitude, and new personalities gradually come to eat you when you become the target of the most popular guy in the college.It may lead your life to heaven or worst to hell. Here what she might be destined to get?~~~Sheila is an Indian girl who belongs to a rural society has a very happy life with her family. She is not allowed to have any boyfriend, that's how her parents raised her as it's their culture but she was very determined to find her well-wisher. But her life turned upside down when she got the chance to study in one of the famous colleges 'St. Xavier's Catholic College of Engineering' in India.Harry, whose life is full of secrets, is not fond of any new friendships. He always stands away when it comes to new people but he has a valid reason behind his attitude. Karl, he has the power to control everything especially everyone in the college. He rules everyone including his seniors too. He gets everything with the snap of his finger. He is another meaning of arrogant who never fails to make anyone's life miserable. What will happen when these three peoples are destined to meet in different circumstances? Who will have her at the end? Read the story and find out. -----------------------------------------

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Love this story! The female lead is very strong to endure what she goes through.
2021-02-03 19:30:48
40 Chapters
Chapter 1
 Sheila's POV:  Late! Late!! Late!!! Oh, God! Please help me. I don't want to be late, at least not for the first day of my college. I prayed to my dear God and walked so fast inside the college campus as thinking of how I am going to make an excuse.  Shit!! I should have woken up earlier rather than dreaming of my future with my two children. Really Sheila? you don't have a boyfriend even to think about your future, but here you were dreaming of having children, Aren't you? Don't tell anyone about your silly dream, they will make fun of you.  Cursing my mind for what seemed to be a thousand time
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Chapter 2
 Sheila's POV: He is looking at me furiously like I snatched his favourite chocolate from him and disposed in the dustbin, but I didn't get the exact reason? Little did I can predict the objective, but not sure if my assumption was right.  He can't be serious when he claimed me as his doll, right?  "What I told you in the morning?" he asked, no almost yelled. Hearing his dark voice, the remaining colour I had in my body drained out. Then he let go of my hand and turned his attention to the students. 
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Chapter 3
 Sheila's POV: I was sweating profusely the moment I opened my laptop and keyed his name to know about him and to prove my panicking state a single drop of sweat is running through my forehead which landed on the plain white paper that I placed on my lap to write my assignment.  Right now I am sitting in front of my laptop, studying his life history to know more about him but didn't think it will bring me a mini heart attack.  My heartbeat started to increase rapidly, because of what I'm seeing right now and I'm bothering for my life as if it continues my heart will explode anytime soon.
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Chapter 4
  Sheila's POV: After taking enough cash from the nearby ATM which I have been saved for years, I hurried inside the campus mainly to avoid getting late. Today I will show him who I am. He may be one of the lists of 'don't mess' but I don't care.  I am going to pay my debt which he caused me and shove the balance amount to his face with that I will teach him a lesson. What did he think? I can't make a payment? Then I will prove to him how he wrong he actually was.  Fixing my mind full of various scenarios of how to make him suffer like he did yesterday to me, I started to walk toward
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Chapter 5
  Sheila's POV: Days and weeks had flown in a blink of eyes but he didn't stop bullying me. Karl and his friends have their own ways of trick to make me fun and they found this as entertainment. I think making me cry every day boosts their stamina.  His friends would simply enter my classroom during my class and drag me out, it's becoming their routine. Even if one of them in his gangs was in a sour mood, they would simply blame me and enjoy seeing me suffer by making my day worst as hell. He would like to give me a new task that I never fond of. He ordered me to bring him breakfast
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Chapter 6
  Sheila's POV: "Do you miss me?" I heard a voice from my behind. I furrowed my brows in confusion but a flash of smile crept on my face when I realized who it was.  It is Tammy.  For these past one month, he has been approaching me in a different way trying to engage a mild conversation and now we are good friends; And to say he is my best friend too. No one dared to make any fun with me. Because he was like a shield to protect me.  I haven't seen Karl since that incident whe
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Chapter 7
  Sheila's POV: I have so many dreams about my college life before I entered this campus. I even believed I would find my best man here but all my dreams turned upside down. Now all I want is to come out of this hell without any harm.  Sighing heavily I thought to cross the road when all of the sudden-- "What the hell!!!"  I shrieked looking at the red car which has gone far away not even bothered to check whether I died or still has my breath. I could hear the hefty pounding of my he
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Chapter 8
 Sheila's POV: Days rolled faster than I could visualize. Currently, I am waiting for Tammy in the playground. As usual, we planned to meet here. After that incident, he became very closer to me. I came to know more about him. In fact, he opened himself yesterday that he has a girlfriend and her name is Lilly Johnson.  I am really happy for him. He cares a lot about her. I will certify she is the luckiest girl in the world. Whenever he talks about her, his eyes display some emotion which I can easily tell how much affection he has with her. 
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Chapter 9
 Sheila's POV: I don't know what to say, so I left the place. If she has a reason for ignoring me then she should follow it, I'm not going to stop her.  I don't think friendship has a rule and my heart is not made of stone. I am not some kind of funny toy to use whenever they want. He is never going to leave me so it's better to obey him.  After the conversation with Quinn, I went to my class. Henceforth, I don't want any encounter with her. My exams are closer and I have to study hard. My focus should be on my studies, not on anyone. 
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Chapter 10
  Sheila's POV: I groaned in frustration when I felt the heavy pounding in my head. "Oh, God!! It's so hurting!!!" Rubbing my head I slowly opened my eyes but shut it tightly when I felt the light rays falling straight down my face through the window.  I adjusted my stances and opened my eyes once again. At first, everything was a blur but in a slight second my vision became clear as I looked around the surroundings and narrowed my eyes as confusion overwhelmed me.  It is not a familiar place.  
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