Chapter 2- She is question?

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Noah's POV

I'm up before my alarm started!! As you see I'm a morning person.

A deep sigh escaped from my mouth!! I got ready for office after I finished my workout.

I went down and joined my mum and dad for breakfast.

"Hey sweetie! Good morning", my mom beamed.

"Morning mom! Hy dad!", I took my seat and started eating.

"So what's the plan for today son?",My dad asked smiling.

My dad is a successful business man who retired two years back. Still he is interested in work. I can feel it.

"Evening I'm meeting Mr.Anderson to discuss about the upcoming project. We are going to final today dad", I returned his smile.

In my family it's dad,mom, me and my older sister Charlotte. She is married and settled in Florida. My brother in law is a nice guy running small business in Florida. And my niece Ava.

I'm missing my little bud. She is an angel and I love her a lot.

"Good . And did you select the architect?", He questioned.

Tomorrow will be a fun day. Seeing Blue and teasing her will make my day. I smirked internally.

"Yes dad! And I'm sure you will be happy seeing the results", I said.

Our Parker group of companies has well known in electronics, shipping, construction, cosmetics, restaurants, jewelleries and the list goes on.

We haven't stepped into hotel Buisness and soon we are going to. It will take our company to next level. We are on top 5 around the globe and I wanted to make it on first.

"Have a good day dear", My mom waved at me when I started my car. I winked at her.

On the way My phone ringed. Unknown number.


"Hey Handsome! Would you like to meet me tonight?!!", the caller said.

I rolled my eyes at the voice. I think it's model Linda.

"I'm not interested Sophia and better don't call me again. Never!", I cut the call.

She will be fuming by now as I called her with a another name. I purposely called her with a different name so she won't disturb me again.

I made myself clear that I don't want any relationship when I dated her for two weeks I think.

I'm not a play boy totally. I'll hook up with someone from time to time.

It's not like I don't respect women. I respect them totally. It's that I don't want any serious relationship.

And I know the women that I'm hanging out are with me only for my money and looks.

I stopped my car and went into office. Everyone greeted me on the way and I nodded at them.

I went into conference room and the meeting started.

"I need each one of you to come up with a best deal by the end of the day and not this shit , so Anderson's will not negotiate anything with us", I whisper yelled. Dropping the file at the table I went into my cabin ending the stupid meeting.

I'm calming myself. When you are going to enter into a new sector you need a strong basement to get your business good in that field.

I'm sure working with Anderson's is the best choice.I can't afford to lose them.

I'm not satisfied with that deal. It's totally a shit!!! Better they come up with a good one or they will be fired.

"Hy Noah!", I heard Drake singing my name entering my office. I looked up from my files and it's already time for lunch.

"What do you want?", I questioned.

"I just wanted to see you", he shrugged. Like I would buy that.

"I know you are up to something.Tell me Drake", I asked.

"It's that the project your are about to start, include me in it", he stated. I know he is nervous.

I laughed. "Why?", I questioned again amused at his state. If he wants me to add him, I wanted to know his purpose.

Drake is a well know billionaire in the city and he is a saint!! He doesn't need anything unless it has benefits for him.

We both born in same year and our parents are friends and we are friends since we born.

"I'm seeing someone in Blue Architects and I want to be next to her in the name of yours", his answer made me confused.

No!Did he like my Blue? I mean Eleanor. It's her middle name but I use it as her pet name. And the fun is she hates when someone call her Blue other than her friend Amelia.

Seeing my confused state "Not Eleanor. It's Amelia, she is too working in it", he smirked.

"Admit it! You like her", he said teasing me.

"What? Me! I have said to you thousand time that I don't like her. I just like teasing her and by the way I thought that you are over Amelia", I smirked.

Drake and Amelia dated from high school and I'm sure this boy is whipped for her. All of a sudden he broke up with her and broke poor girl's heart in college.

Eleanor and Amelia are junior in our school and college. They are popular like me and Drake.

Eleanor is a mystery and feisty one and on the other hand Amelia is a bubbly one. To all blue is brat who wanted attention from her family though her family loves her a lot.

She throw tantrums and fights with her sister. But something is off with her. I know.

She never failed to amuse me with her remarks. I never seen her smile. She always have something in her mind.

"Down to Earth Noah", Drake snapped his finger at me. I shrugged and we both went to have lunch.

My mind drifted off to the girl named Eleanor Blue Anderson. She is a question that I'm trying hard to find an answer for years.

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