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People know her as a billionaire, Vixen as she is feisty as hell, Spoiled brat, Smart, beautiful, Successful in young age, born with a golden spoon!!! Only she knows What She really is??!! Meet Eleanor Blue Anderson, architect, the owner of Blue Architects, soon to be owner of Anderson group of industries, is a bold women known for her temper and sassy remarks,a broken little girl in heart join hands with Parker group of Industries in a new project.Meet Noah Elijah Parker, Owner of Parker group of Industries is entering the hotel Buisness to rule along with Anderson's is a handsome young male species, known for his hard work and ruthlessness.His past with a woman called Jasmine is bad. He is broken by her.That's what he thinks.He doesn't know the real reason.He doesn't know that a girl named Eleanor captured his heart before anyone.Both work hard to escape from reality! Will the same work bring them together to enjoy a little?"Hello! Ms.Vixen!, I heard people calling you that!!!", That dumb always getting on my nerves. Ignoring his smirk "Yeah! Mr.Devil! No!!! Mr.Manwhore!!, Heard from that same people ", I smirked. " You", he started."Guys! Is this something to brag about? You both are Crazy", Drake looked amused. "Shut up!", Me and the devil said unison.Drake laughed hard.Join the journey of Eleanor and Noah to know more.Characters, place, scenes everything is fiction.

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santhiya perumal
I want moreee
2020-12-21 15:16:22
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santhiya perumal
I like this book so much ,like how the elanor character is and how elegant and bossy she is the way she carries herself is so awesome. I love Noah and elanor. though I ship her with Ryder.
2020-12-08 00:16:31
user avatar
Awesome! I loved it so much. When is the next update? :(
2020-11-09 15:17:30
49 Chapters
Chapter 1- Her life!
Happy reading ?Eleanor'sPOVI groaned When My alarm started to sing it's lullaby!!!My head is throbbing. Another sleepless night.Looks like I have to see the doctor again to get new type of sleeping pills as the old one is not doing it's work properly.I got up and went to shower.After showering I took my outfit from my closet.I stared at my reflection in mirror. A brunette with big blue eyes in blue dress looking pale.I sighed and went to have water from my kitchen.My apartment seemed life less.I preferred living alone rather than with people calling me as their family.They are strictly restricted in my list.You will eventually get to know why I'm speaking like this.No one is allowe
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Chapter 2- She is question?
Happy reading ?Noah's POVI'm up before my alarm started!! As you see I'm a morning person.A deep sigh escaped from my mouth!! I got ready for office after I finished my workout.I went down and joined my mum and dad for breakfast."Hey sweetie! Good morning", my mom beamed."Morning mom! Hy dad!", I took my seat and started eating."So what's the plan for today son?",My dad asked smiling.My dad is a successful business man who retired two years back. Still he is interested in work. I can feel it."Evening I'm meeting Mr.Anderson to discuss about the upcoming project. We are goi
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Chapter 3- Her Family!
Happy reading ?Eleanor's POV"Come home! Right Now". I rolled my eyes when I heard my father's shout from the call."Father! Don't be too loud!! You might have a heart attack due to your temper", Is my calm reply."ELEANOR BLUE ANDERSON! COME HOME THIS INSTANT",I heard my father's coughing at last.Ignoring the guilty feeling I stayed silent."Eleanor! It's been a long time. Come Home and meet your father,please dear".His pleas made me to go home at last.While Entering the mansion, I stiffed. It had been 9 years already I moved out. I avoided entering this place at all cost.I'm a strong woman now. You can handle it. My inner sel
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Chapter 4- Meeting Him!
Happy reading ?Eleanor's POVI woke up with sweating. When I saw the familiar ceiling I instantly relaxed.When I'm about to get up , I found a figure laying totally on me. Exactly crushing me."Amy!", I called out. No reaction. If some stranger see her like this they probably mistake her as a dead one."Amelia", I called out again. Again No reaction. No breathing movements. That's it. Extending my hand to nightstand I took a glass of water and poured on her head.Sudden jerk." WHAT THE HELL?", She sat up and searched for the attacker to launch herself and at last her eyes landed on me as I'm below her."Eleanor! You freaking little dumbass!!!! I watched over you for entire night and this is how you are waking me up", she shouted at her throat and took the water jug and poured on me.I groaned. I don't like when someone spla
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Chapter 5- I'm Saved!
Happy reading ?Eleanor's POVWe are now in cafe that is near to Parker's."I know that you have some worst past with him. But you shouldn't have reacted like that Amy", I said glaring at her."I know!! But Blue It's really hard for me to see him. I'm sorry I over reacted", Wiping her tears she put up a fake smile.I felt sad for Amy!!! I know her mood by the name she calls me.She will call me Eleanor when she is angry, when she is clueless she calls me as Elie.But when she is depressed or in deep pain or extremel
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Chapter 6- What? Monster!
Happy reading ?Eleanor's POV"M..omm....!!!! Mot...her!!!! I'..m str...uck her..e!!! Pl..ease ge..t me out. I I ....I ... won't dis..turb you mom....Sis...'s so scary...please I'm begging you... Let me out....Mom..sissy... ", It's so scary here.I can't control my tears and hiccups."mother...ple...ase..I'm here.... somebody open up ple.." All of a sudden I heard a laugh and sudden splash on my face.What the hell? I opened my eyes and saw that devil
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Chapter 7-I'm Confused!
Happy reading ?Eleanor's POVThe sun rays entered through glass and I relaxed in my seat.I think I'm really that excited to work to work all night.Stretching my hands a yawn left my mouth.I closed my eyes lightly. I'm tired. I need a shower and craved hot coffee.All of a sudden I heard a laugh. I know who is that."Don't tell me you worked all night", that stupid dumbass called Noah asked me.I will not respond to you. I'm a monster. Why would he talk to a monster?
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Chapter 8- Stranger??!
Happy Reading ?Eleanor's POVI groaned hard having a horrible headache ever in the morning!! How the hell I end up in my home??I don't know how much I drank last night! I was clearly in club having drinks. After that I can't find any memory of me.A deep sigh escaped my mouth!! I went to freshen up!!Having a hot bath made me clear my mind little!! I heard sound from kitchen."Amy! Make me coffee please", I asked her searching the newspaper if there is any news about me or not? My head is killing me with pain."Here", I happily accepte
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Chapter 9- Friends??!
Happy Reading ?Eleanor's POVInteresting!!I sat on couch and watched them fighting.Ryder gave a blow on Noah's cheeks!! "Ouch!!",I laughed.With a murderous glare Noah hit the Ryder's Nose. "Shit!!", I laughed again.And the fight gone for ten minutes. I can say both are equal. Now The fight is boring to me."Guys!!!"."Guys!!!". Again no reaction."GUYSSSSSS!!!!!", I shouted at top of my lungs.They stopped and looked me wit
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Chapter 10- Cinderella
Happy reading ?Eleanor's POVWhile eating I saw the devil himself waving at me from outside.That annoying little dumbass freak took away my favourite shoe.You gave your shoe to him Eleanor. Better you shut up my brain before I dig you out and fry you.My mind was shut after hearing my threat. It better be."Wait here Amy, I have to deal with that dumb first", I made my way outside to that devil."Noah! You better give my heel back. There's only two sets are in the world. It costed me fortune", I glared at him.
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