Starr's POV

"Don't run," Jason warned as they ran off, going to the field to see their sister, leaving him, Cassi and I to trail behind.

"Who's cooking tonight?" Cassi asked as she held my hand both our gazes moving over to Jason who was walking beside me.

"So I'm guessing it's me?" He asked chuckling and I smiled.

"Or Starr could if you wanted," Cassi offered to prove a point.

"I barely trust her with a microwave," he joked and I rolled my eyes playfully earning a smile from them.

"If you guys ever allowed me to cook, I would know how to," I defended

"We love cooking for you," Jason replied kissing my cheek as we moved over to the bench on the sidelines sitting down.

"The school's fundraiser is tomorrow," Cassi reminded resting her head against my shoulder.

"I'll go," Jason offered

"I don't get why we have to go, when we could just send our cheque,"

"Common courtesy," Cassi mumbled amused

"Which reminds me we have to take Trinity to the mall after this, I kind of promised her and twins they could go, if she scored two goals," I confessed

"You and Cassi will have to go I have a meeting soon," Jason announced

"You've been busy all month," Cassi mumbled voicing my thoughts as well as her.

"I know, it's the expansion a-I promise that after everything cools down a bit I'll make some time for the kids as well as us," he replied before any of us reply the kids were already running our way, Trinity with a soccer ball at her feet.

"Are we still going to the mall mom?" She immediately asked.

"Yes, we just have to drop your dad off at work first," I replied loving the smile on her face.

"Let's go get your stuff princess," Jason announced getting up walking away with her as Jordan lifted his hand motioning for Cassi to carry him and she did standing up knowing we were about to head to the car.

"Me too," Eclipse begged smiling cutely and I lifted her as we walked towards the parking lot. The entire field still crowded with kids and family members from both teams.

"Can I get a new truck?" Jordan asked me his green eyes boring into mine.

"Didn't I get you a truck last week?"

"I want to start a truck collection, I finished my car one"

"Okay you can get a truck," I agreed and he smiled happily resting his head against Cassi's shoulder. I watched as Cassi opened the car door and I bent slightly allowing Eclipse to stand watching as she ran inside the car sitting beside her brother.

"Are you driving?" Cassi asked and I smiled.

"Do you want me to?" I asked moving closer to her.

"I would appreciate it," She whispered leaning against the car and I smiled.

"How much?" I asked my words holding hidden weight and she looked over to the kids before her gaze returned to me.

"We'll talk about that later," she replied shyly holding out the keys and I took them as voices sounded around us, I followed the sound to find Trinity's coach as well as his wife approaching us.

"Mrs lights," he greeted as Cassi held onto my hand an amused expression on her face since the title some how became universal for us, since we both carried it.

"Coach Carter, Mrs Carter how are you?" Cassi replied flashing them a friendly smile.

"I'm going to car," I whispered kissing her cheek pulling away knowing that he was only here to ask for something. I closed the back door before getting into the driver's seat looking back at the kids who were busy on their gadgets.

"Mom can you turn on the wind please?" Jordan asked and I smiled doing just that allowing the car to get cool, my gaze going back to Cassi who was outside conversing, Jason now moving towards the car with Trinity.

I quickly unlocked the doors, allowing him to pull it open.

"Mom I want to buy new soccer shoes," Trinity announced the moment the door closed.

"What's wrong with those?" I asked referring to the ones on her feet, as my gaze followed Jason who now joined in on the conversation that Cassi was having with the coach.

"It's not for me, it's for a girl on the team," she announced

"A girl on the team?" I asked turning giving her my fill attention.

"Her boots are damaged and she can't buy new ones," she explained and I nodded.

"We'll buy whatever you want," I finished proud of her, it was-

My thoughts were interrupted as a tap sounded on the glass and I looked over to see Jason, I immediately unlocked the doors watching as him and Cassi got in.

"Seatbelts," Cassi announced and I waited for the kids to do so as I started the car.

"I was talking to you guys as well," Cassi added motioning to Jason and I and I smiled doing as told.

"What did he want?" I asked pulling out of the parking spot referring to the coach.

"They need new equipment," Cassi replied

"They treat us like we're cash cows," Jason mumbled

"But you are cash cows," Trinity reasoned making us laugh.

"Well take care of it when we get to the mall today," I told him driving out of the parking lot.









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